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phone storage

hi!my android mobile storage is full ,want to move all on my pc or laptop,from medical documents ,family videos pictures ,don't want to delete them to make storage ,kindly can u show how its done in a organizing way ,so that when ever I want to see it on pc ,can see it fast ,I am not a computer geek ,did try youtube videos but coundnt understand please in a understable way can u teach?i hope u understood my point and question thanks,awaiting reply

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Jul 29, 2019
Phone Storage
by: Jennifer

With an Android you can plug your phone into your computer with cable provided to charge your device. Simply remove the cord from the power block. The end will be a USB connection that will fit into a port on your computer.
- when you open your file explorer there should be another folder in the left hand side. This will be your phone.
- When you double click on it is will usually have another folder titled DCIM This is the picture folder.
-open this folder and from there you can copy and paste the files to whatever folder you would like on your computer. Once you have confirmed that the files are on your computer in the folder you specify you can safely delete the items on your phone and it will free up space.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to do a one on one phone call.

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