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PowerPoint 2007 Drawing

PowerPoint 2007 Drawing

The drawing section of the Home tab is the next thing that we will take a look at. Under this tab you can be creative with your PowerPoint slides. Lets' look at the first option called the text box. This is the icon in the upper left hand corner of the drawing section. Go ahead and click on that tab. Once you do that your cursor will change. Anywhere on your Slide press and hold down the left mouse button and drag your mouse. This will create a text box. Here if you put your cursor in this box you can type in it.

Next button is the line button. Here you can do exactly what it says create a line. Click on the button that has a line on it. Press and hold down your left mouse button and drag to create the line.

PowerPoint 2007 Shapes

The Next Icon you are able to create an arrow. We are going to do the same thing Press and hold down the left mouse button and drag your mouse where you want the arrow to point. Once you have it where you want it release the left mouse button and your arrow will appear.

want it release the left mouse button and your arrow will appear. Next buttons are a series of shapes. These shapes can be created the same way the lines and text box were created. To see even more shapes either use the down arrow at the side of the buttons or click the down arrow with the line over it to display the shapes you can insert in a drop down menu.

PowerPoint 2007 Arrange Drawing

The arrange icon is the next button. With this button you are able to arrange things on your slide. You can change their order, position and group them so they become one item. Now go back and pick a shape and apply it to your slide anywhere. Go to the arrange icon and select the first option, bring to front. I'm going to place my banner over the text I have written if you select the first option the banner will cover up the text so you can't see it because bring to the front means that the object you want in front of the text.

Let's go to the next option which is send to back go ahead and select the send to back option and it will send the banner to the back and the text will appear on top of the banner.

Bring forward is kind of the same thing as the first option if you select the bring forward it will bring the banner forward to cover the text again. If you select the bring back it will move the banner back behind the text. The difference between the Bring Front and Bring Froward is Bring Forward only brings the object forward one layer while Bring to Front brings the object through all of the layers.

PowerPoint 2007 Quick styles

The next button we are going to look at is called quick styles. This Icon has a green square on it with a paint brush. Click on the icon and it will give you a drop down window with some options to choose from. The outlined squares with the writing in them will do exactly that it will outline the text that you have. The colored squares with the lettering in them will color the text box.

Go ahead and select whatever one you want and apply it to your PowerPoint text to see what each one does.

PowerPoint 2007 Shape Fill Drawing

The next Icon is called shape fill. This will fill in the object that your cursor has selected with any color that you want from the drop down menu. There are a few different options that you can do under the drop down we will go over those in a second but I want you to try the shape fill first. Place your cursor in the box and go to shape fill select a color and see what happens.

Now if you put your cursor over the shape fill icon it will give you a drop down box More fill colors will give you more color options Gradient will give you varations with the color to give it more of a marble or shadow look. Texture will give you different textures that you can use. The Picture option will let you insert a picture to fill your shape.

PowerPoint 2007 Browser

Go ahead and hit the picture option it will bring up your browser screen. Browse to the pictures and insert a picture. Select the picture you want and hit open. Once you do that the picture will appear in the text box there will be little circles in the corner of your picture this is so you can make the picture larger or smaller or rotate the picture.

PowerPoint 2007 Shape Outline

Next is the Shape outline button. Here you can put a border on your picture or text box. Click the shape outline button and you will see a menu come up. PowerPoint 2007 DashesHere you will be able to change the color of your border as well as what you want it to look like. Put your cursor over the dashes. This will open another drop down menu. You can find a style of border you want and apply it to your box.

PowerPoint 2007 Weight

The weight is an option that you can select to change the thickness of your lines. Place your cursor over the Weight option to open the drop down menu and select the thickness of your line from the menu. Once you have your border selected your box should have the line around it with whatever thickness you chose.

PowerPoint 2007 Shape Effects Drawing

Now that you have your picture you can experiment with the shape effects button. Click on this button and it will bring up a menu. The options in this menu will change the look of your text box. Put your cursor over one of the options and it will bring up another list of options that you can choose from and give you an example of what they will look like. Select the one you want and your picture on your screen should

That concludes the PowerPoint 2007 Drawing tutorials. Click the next button to continue to PowerPoint 2007 Editing or select a new tutorial from the list below.