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PowerPoint 2007 Editing

The PowerPoint 2007 Editing section is where you will find all of the buttons necessary to find and edit text in your PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint 2007 Find

The first button in the Editing section of the home tab is the find button. If you are looking for a word or series of words in your presentation click on the find button it will bring up the find window where you can type the word/words that you are looking for. Once you type the word you want click find next and it will highlight the word in your presentation. In the Find window you can narrow your search down to be case sensitive or find the exact match you have typed by checking one or both of the boxes. When you have made your selection click Find Next until you have found what you are looking for then click close.

PowerPoint 2007 Replace

Next is the replace button. If you have a several words that you want to replace the quickest way is to use the replace feature. Click on the replace button and it will bring up a drop down menu, select replace this will bring up the Replace window.

PowerPoint 2007 replace window

With this screen I am going to change the word today to doing once you have the word you want to change press the find next and then replace and it will change your text. If you want to change all of the words that say today with doing then press replace all and it will change every one in the PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint 2007 Replace Font

If you want to change the font, say you have ariel font on some of your text, click the Replace button to get the drop down menu then click the change font selection. It will come up with theReplace Font window. Here you can select the current font you want to replace then select what you want to replace it with and click Replace.

PowerPoint 2007 Select

Click on the select Icon this will give you the drop down menu . If you press the select all option this is going to select all the text in the text boxes on that slide. If you press delete it will delete the text. If you want to make it Bold you can do that it is just another way to edit large amounts of text without having to click and drag the mouse over the text. Select the objects option will allow you to edit and you can make changes to the objects on your powerpoint.

PowerPoint 2007 Selection visibility

If you select the selection pane it will bring up a side bar menu titled Selection and Visibility. The side bar menu will bring up a list where you can change the subtitles, titles Etc. It just makes it easier to edit text, titles, and subtitles when you have several slides.

This concludes the Home tab tutorials. Please click the next button to begin learning about the Insert Tab in PowerPoint 2007 or select another tutorial from the list below.