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PowerPoint 2007 Font

PowerPoint 2007 Font Section

PowerPoint 2007 font section is where you can start personalizing and being more creative with your PowerPoint presentation. To show you how to use these functions, type ROSES ARE RED in the first slide in the title section.

PowerPoint 2007 Font Style

The first thing I am going to teach you how to change your font style. At the top of your screen under the font section of the Home tab you will see a box with a drop down arrow go ahead and click on this you will see a list of fonts that you can choose from. It gives you an example of what the text will look like. Now let's try changing the style of the text. Go ahead a press the left button on your mouse and highlight the words Roses are red. Once the words Roses are red is highlighted go back up to the font dropdown and select what font you want it changed to I am going to select the font that says AR BLANCA once I selected that I am going to click on it and it will change the font to look like the example.

PowerPoint 2007 Font Size

Once you have selected the font that you want we will change the size of it. There is a box next to the one you used to change the font that has a number in it. Do the same thing, highlight the text Roses are Red and then click on the number drop down. Select the size of font you want, the lower the number the smaller the text the larger the number the bigger the text.

I'm going to make my text smaller. Change it from 44 down to 24. Notice the difference in the highlighted sentence.

I will show you another way to change the font size. Next to the number dropdown there is a big letter A and a smaller letter A one has a up arrow and the other one has a down arrow. If you hit the big A with the up arrow with your font if it is still highlighted will get bigger. If you hit the down arrow the font will get smaller.

PowerPoint 2007 Clear Formatting

The Next button is called the clear formatting button the button has two a's on it with a white eraser below it. This button will make your text format go back to what it originally was. Highlight the roses are red text and hit this button. Your text will go back to the way we originally typed it before the font size changes.

PowerPoint 2007 Bold Italic Underline

Now I'm going to show you how to make your text bold. There is a box under the font tab that has a "B" on it. First let's type a sentence in the text box. Type I had fun at the park today. Highlight the sentence and click the "B" button and it will make your sentence bold.

The next box that has an "I" in it this you can use to make your text italic. So highlight the sentence I had fun at the park and press the "I" button once you do that your text should look like this.

Moving on the underline button this is the button that has a "U" on it do the same thing highlight the text and press the "U" button and your text will be underlined.

PowerPoint 2007 Strike Through Shadow Spacing Case

Next you will see a box with the letters "abc" with a line through the center of it. This button does exactly what it shows it will strike through selected text so Highlight the sentence again and click on the button "abc" to strike through your text.

Moving right along you will see a button with an "S" on it. This is used for text shadowing. Highlight the sentence and press the "S" button and it will create a shadow on your text.

Now you will see a button that has an AV with a double arrow line. This button is used to adjust the space between letters. When you click on this box you will get a drop down menu of options that you can choose from very tight, tight, normal, loose, very loose and more spacing. Click on the various options to see what each one does to the letters.

The next button is the changing case icon this is where you can change from upper to lower case. Click on the icon and you will see a drop down menu there you have five options to choose from. Highlight the sentence again and click on each option to see how it affects the sentence.

PowerPoint 2007 Font color

The last option under the font tab is the font color tab. Here you can change the color of your font the icon is a letter A with a red line.. Highlight the sentence and click on the A it will give you a drop down menu where you can select what color you want your text to be and click on it. If you would like a color not listed click on the More Colors link and the color window will open with more options.

That concludes the Font section of the home tab in PowerPoint 2007. Click the next arrow to move onto the Paragraph section.

Written By: Kai-Lynn Slinde