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PowerPoint 2007 Home

Now we are going to take a look at PowerPoint 2007 Home tab. In this section you will learn all the functions of the home tab and how to navigate through them all. Under the home tab you will see six other sections they are the clipboard, slides, font, paragraph, drawing and editing. To begin let's start with the clipboard under the home tab.

PowerPoint 2007 Clipboard

The first Icon under the home tab and clipboard is the Paste Icon. Go ahead and click on the past icon. It will show a drop down menu with a list of options you can choose from. The first one is paste. If you copied contents from another slide or information from another program you can press the paste icon and it will paste it on to the slide that you want.

PowerPoint 2007 Paste Special

Now click on the paste icon and go down to the second option Paste Special go ahead and click on where it says paste special and it will bring up a window that looks like this. From this window you have the option of pasting what you want as a device independent bitmap what this means is that when you copy contents into PowerPoint from another source PowerPoint will automatically reformat what you copied . If you use the Device Independent bitmap it will keep it as the original format. When you are finished making your selection click ok to return to your PowerPoint presentation.

The next option under the paste icon is the 3rd one down called paste hyperlink I do not have a screenshot for this option but if you are making a presentation sometimes people find it helpful to create a hyperlink . You can do this to insert a website URL that you are able to click on that will take you to a website you are using for a reference. Now let's look at the last option under paste. Go back up to the paste icon and scroll down to the last option that says duplicate. If you click duplicate. It will duplicate exactly what you pasted into your presentation earlier.

Now we are going to move forward and I will show you how to use the cut icon. In your PowerPoint Go ahead and click on the Microsoft 2007 icon the 4 colored boxes in the upper left hand corner and go to new. It will bring up the new screen that says blank document click on that to open a new presentation.

Now click your mouse where it says CLICK TO ADD TITLE. In that box type HELLO.

PowerPoint 2007 Highlighting Example

that box type HELLO. Now hold down the left button on your mouse and drag it to the left to highlight the word Hello once you do that it should look like this. Once you have the word HELLO highlighted go back up to the icon under the home tab that says cut next to the little icon that looks like a pair of succors. Click on that button and once you do the word HELLO will disappear. That is how you cut text pictures or anything you don't want on your slide. Now you are able to paste the text into another slide or another program.

Now that you know how to cut text I am going to show you how to Copy. The difference between cutting and copying is cutting will remove the text and place it elsewhere. Copy will not remove the text. We are going to again Type in the word HELLO in the box just like before. After you do that press the left button on your mouse hold it down and drag your mouse left highlighting the word Hello. Once you do that click the Copy button this will send the contents to your clipboard. Your clipboard is the icon that looks like a clipboard that says paste right under it. Now on your page where you typed HELLO click below that in the box where it says click to add subtitle. Once you do that click on the paste button and hello will appear in that box.

If you decide that you want to change the formatting that has to be done to several slides Format Painter is the easiest way to do it. To do this Highlight the source text click format painter and highlight the target text. Once you do this the format will be applied. Double clicking with allow you to paste the format over and over again.

That concludes the Clipboard section of the Home tab. Click Next to move onto the slides section.

Written By: Kai-Lynn Slinde