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PowerPoint 2007 Illustrations

PowerPoint 2007 Illustrations

The PowerPoint 2007 Illustrations section of the Insert tab allows the user to insert and edit pictures, clip art, shapes and charts into their PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint 2007 Picture

The first icon in the Illustrations section that I will cover is PICTURE. With this button you are able to insert a picture that you have saved on your computer. PowerPoint 2007 Picture BrowserClick on the Picture Icon and it will bring up your windows browser and default to your picture folder. Once you decide what picture you want to insert on your slide select it. The file name will appear where it says file name and then select open. The file you selected will be inserted into your presentation and ready to edit using the format tab that is now available.

PowerPoint 2007 Clip Art

The clip art icon you can search or upload clip art that is on your computer or if you have internet access you can download clip art from an online library. PowerPoint 2007 clip art navigation paneGo ahead and click on the clip art icon. On the right hand side of your computer screen you will see a navigation bar that appears. In the clip art navigation bar you can search for a picture using keywords, location of the file and type of file.

keywords, location of the file and type of file. Where it says search for type in flower and select go you will see some pictures come up in the white box click on the picture you want and it will show up on your slide.

The organize clips button will open the Microsoft clip organizer window. In this window you will have a selection of folders that you can browse you clip art and move to new folders by clicking and dragging the clip.

Clip art on Office online will open you internet browser to Microsoft's clip art collection online. From this website you can browse and download clip art.

The last selection in the clip art navigation bar is the Tips for finding clips. This will open a help window with more clip art information.

PowerPoint 2007 Photo Album

The next Icon in the illustration section of the insert tab is the photo album here you can add an album that you have saved on my computer. Click the down arrow to see the options.

PowerPoint 2007 Photo Album Window

Select the new photo album option. It will bring up the photo album window here you can insert files or picture that you have saved on your computer into an album. With the text box button you can add text to a picture. Under the picture option you can select the captions below all pictures and make all pictures black and white. Once you have inserted a picture into the album you can use the buttons below preview to rotate your picture, change the contrast, or the brightness of your photo.

PowerPoint 2007 Photo Album Layout

The Album Layout section lets you change the way the photos are displayed on your slide using the Picture layout feature. Click the drop down arrow of the Picture layout and choose how many photos you would like displayed on your slide. Frame shape, and theme let you format the display of your photos even more. Using the drop down arrows on these options make a selection and see your preview to the right of the selections. Once you select a picture you will see it under the Pictures in album. Once you have all of the photos you want in your album hit create. When you do this your pictures will appear under the slides tab. How you list the pictures is how they will appear on each slide.

PowerPoint 2007 Shapes

The shapes Icon allows you to insert or make your own shapes and add them to your presentation. There are a lot of shapes that you can choose from so I am not going to go over all of them but click the shapes icon you will see a drop down menu appear. You can choose a shape that you want I am going to choose the star go ahead and select any shape that you want. Once you have the shape that you want click anywhere you want on the slide and you will see the shape. Around the shape you will see a box with white dots you can put your mouse on the dots and drag your mouse to make the star smaller or larger. The green dot at the top will allow you to rotate your shape.

PowerPoint 2007 Smart Art Graphic

Click on the smart art icon you will see the Choose a SmartArt Graphic window come up. Here it gives you different ways you can present your text. Select the cycle button on the left hand side under all. Once you do that select the basic cycle picture it is in the top left corner. You will see the picture show up on your slide. In each box you see where it says text. If you click where it says text you can add your own text to the circles. You can also enter text onto your smart art by clicking where it says type text here.

PowerPoint 2007 SmartArt Tools

Once you have your smart styles on your slide you can change the colors add shadows and more. This is all done using the SmartArt Tools Design and Format tabs.

PowerPoint 2007 Insert Chart

The next icon under the illustration section of the Insert tab is charts. Here you can insert a chart on your presentation using data from Xcel or creating your own data when creating the chart.

Click on the chart icon and you will see a menu come up where you can choose the chart that you would like to insert. Select the first chart under column and press ok in insert it into your slide.

Once you do that you will see a new excel screen show up. They bring up the excel spread sheet so you can edit your numbers and it will change them on the chart.

PowerPoint 2007 Chart Excel

At the top of the page you will see some options where you can edit your chart. PowerPoint 2007 Chart ToolsChange chart type is if you decide you don't like the chart you select originally you can change it with the change chart type. You can save your template as well with the save template button. Under the data tab you can switch your rows columns edit your data in excel. We will get into this more later but that is the basics.

That concludes the PowerPoint 2007 illustrations section. Please click the next button to continue onto Links or select another tutorial from the list below.