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PowerPoint 2007 Insert

The PowerPoint 2007 Insert tab has 5 sections; tables, illustrations, links, text, and media clips. The insert tab gives you options to insert anything you wish into your PowerPoint 2007 presentation.

PowerPoint 2007 Insert tab

PowerPoint 2007 Insert table

The first section in the insert tab is Tables. Click on this icon and you will see a drop down screen with some options on it like this. Let's start with the first option insert table. Before you do this open a new presentation if you have not done so. Click on one of the blank boxes to insert a simple one column, one row table, if you select multiple boxes from the insert table option it will insert a table with the selected number of rows and columns. The screen at the top will change and have options where you can edit your table.

PowerPoint 2007 Table tools

In the Table tools tab you can change the color of your table, add shading borders font style etc. This tab will only be available when you have selected your table. Click anywhere else on your presentation to deselect the table and return to the default tabs of PowerPoint 2007.

PowerPoint 2007 Draw Table

The next option in the Table drop down menu is Draw Table. Click on the Draw Table option. Once you click on the draw table your cursor will turn to a pencil. From here click and drag to draw a box the size you want your table to be and it will show on your screen. Once you have that on there you can edit the color border and whole design of your table using the Table Tools tab.

PowerPoint 2007 Insert Excel table

The last option on the table tab is to insert an excel spreadsheet. This is good if you have data saved in Excel that you want to add to your presentation to do this go to the table button. Then go down to excel spreadsheet and click on that option. This will insert an Excel spreadsheet into your slide.

That concludes the Table section of the PowerPoint 2007 Insert tab. Click next to continue to the Illustrations section of the Insert tab or select another tutorial from the list below.