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PowerPoint 2007 Links

PowerPoint 2007 Links is the next section in the Insert tab. These two options allow you to insert point and click links into your presentations. You are able to link to other documents or files, and websites using these features.

PowerPoint 2007 Insert Hyperlink

Click in a text box in your presentation and click the Hyperlink button. This will open the Insert Hyperlink window. Type the text you want displayed as a link in the Text to display text box. The Link to: features are in a navigation pane to the left in the window. The default selection in the navigation pane is Existing File or Web Page. This will give you the options to use your Window browser in the Look in section. To Link to a file on your computer you have several ways to browse to it. The first option is to click the down arrow and get a list of folders and files on your computer. You can use the one up folder button to the right of this option to move up one level in your folder list. All of the folders will be displayed below. Another option is to use the Browse Folder button which will open another window for you to browse.

If you would like to link to a website you can type the web address in the Address text box or use the web button which is located in the middle of the folder buttons. When you have made your selection of a website or file click OK to return to your PowerPoint 2007 presentation and your link will be created.

PowerPoint 2007 Link to a Place in Document

presentation and your link will be created. The next feature in the insert Hyperlink navigation pane is Place in the Document. This will let you create a link to a different slide or point in your presentation. Type the text you want to display in the link then select the place in your PowerPoint Presentation you would like to link to. It will show a preview of the slide in the Slide Preview section. Click OK to insert the link.

PowerPoint 2007 Insert Hyperlink Create New Documet

Create New Document is the next option in the Insert Hyperlink window's navigation pane. Type the text you would like to display in the link in the text to display box. Type the title of the document you would like to create in the Name of new document text box. Select either Edit the new document later or Edit the new document now from the When to edit options. If you choose Edit now Word will open to a new document with the title you typed in the Name of new document. If you choose to edit the document later a file will be saved in the path that is displayed below the title of your document. You can use your windows browser to open the document and edit at a later time. Click OK to return to your presentation and create the link to the newly created document.

PowerPoint 2007 Hyperlink Email Address

The last option is E-mail address. Type the text to display for the link. Type the email address that you would like all message to be sent to and enter a default subject for the email. When this link is clicked it will open your default email handler such as Outlook or Outlook Express to a new email with the default email address in the to section and the default subject input for you in the new message. Click OK to complete the link and place it in your slide.

PowerPoint 2007 Action Button PowerPoint 2007 Action Settings Window

The next button in the links section of the insert tab is Action. This button is used to set more options for you link. Click on the Action button. The Action Settings window will open. In this window there are two tabs. The first tab Mouse Click is used to edit the actions of the linked text when the mouse clicks the link. In this window the Non option gives the link no action when it is clicked in the presentation. The Hyperlink to option has a drop down menu that will change based on the type of link you inserted. These options can change what you originally set up when creating the link.

Type Calculator in a slide on your PowerPoint Presentation. Make sure the word calculator is highlighted so it will turn it into a link. Click the Action button in the link section again to open the Action Settings window. The next option in the Actions setting window is Run program. Select the radio button for this option. Click the browse button. This will open your window browser to the system 32 root folder. In this folder you will find most of the programs installed on your computer. Scroll down to the calc.exe program click on it and select open. This will place the location of the executable file in the run program text box. Click the OK button in the Action settings window to close the window and return to the PowerPoint presentation. The word calculator will now be a link that will open the calculator on your computer.

The next option is Run macro. This option will be grayed out until a macro has been built using the developer tab. Once you have created a macro. This option work just like the run program option. Type the word that you would like to create the link, highlight it, select Run macro radio button, use the down arrow to select the macro you created and click OK to turn the text into a link.

PowerPoint 2007 Object Actions

The Object action radio button will be grayed out until an object is inserted into your PowerPoint presentation. Objects are inserted by using the object button in the text section of the insert tab. Once an object is inserted click on the object, open the Action Settings window again and click the down arrow of the Object action selection. This will give you two choices, Edit and Open. If you Select edit while the presentation is showing you will be able to click on the object and make changes to it. Open will open the object in a new window for you to view and make changes. Make you selection and click ok to return to your presentation. If you have followed along in PowerPoint click on the slideshow tab and select the from the beginning button to play the slide show with the object inserted. Click on the object to see how the action affected it.

The last two options in the Action settings are play sound and highlight click. The play sound button gives you a list of sounds to choose from. PowerPoint 2007 Action Mouse Over SettingsCheck the box and make a selection. When the Play sound box is checked it will play the selected sound each time your link is clicked. The highlight click will highlight the hyperlink when the check box is marked.

Click the Mouse over tab in the Action Settings window. All of the options in this tab are the same as the mouse click options. The difference between the two is that one requires the mouse to click the link and the other just needs the mouse placed over the link. Click OK to return to the presentation.

That concludes the PowerPoint 2007 Link section of the insert tab tutorial. Click next to move onto text tutorials in PowerPoint or select another tutorial from the list below.