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PowerPoint 2007 Paragraph

This covers the PowerPoint 2007 Paragraph section in the Home tab. The paragraph section consists of options to help you format and align text on your slides.

PowerPoint 2007 Bullet

In the top left hand corner of the paragraph section you will see an icon with 3 dots and 3 lines on it. This is the bullet button. Highlight a sentence in your PowerPoint presentation or if you have not created a slide yet click on the bullet icon. You will have about 7 different options of bullets you can choose from pick the one you want and click on it. Now your selected sentence or the sentence you are about to type should have a bullet in front of it. If you want to remove the bullet go back under the bullet button and click none. If you would like more options than the default options shown click the bullets and number selection from the drop down menu to open the window and select advanced options.

PowerPoint 2007 Numbered listPowerPoint 2007 Paragraph

Next is the numbered bullets button this is the button that has 123 on it. Go ahead and click on this button, it will bring up a drop down menu. In this drop down menu you can do the same thing you did with the bullets. Select which style one you want and it will automatically number or letter each line you make.

PowerPoint 2007 Increase and Decrease indent

The next two buttons are the increase the indent level and decrease the indent level. If you have something written on your presentation you can click those buttons to move the text further away from the outside edge or closer to the outside edge depending of your preference.

PowerPoint 2007 Line Spacing

The line spacing button has a blue arrow up and a blue arrow down arrow. Write a sentence out that has two lines. Click on the line spacing button. Choose 3.0 make sure that your text is highlighted before you select an option. Once you select the 3.0 option your sentences will appear with a larger space in between each line. If you want it to go back to the original format select 1.0 and it will look like it did before you made the changes.

PowerPoint 2007 Justification

Now I will show you the different justification settings. There is align text left, center, align text right and Justify. Highlight you text in your presentation and click each of the justification buttons to see how the text is changed. The left, center and right justifications are self explanatory. The last option Justify evenly space the text across the text box so there is an equal amount of space between each word to make the text fill the whole line.

PowerPoint 2007 Columns

Now that you understand how to change your paragraph justification we are going to take a look at how to make columns on your presentation. There is a columns button next to the Justify buttons. Click the Column button to see the drop down menu. Highlight your text again and click the drop down menu on the columns button. Here you can choose if you want your text to be in one, two or three columns. If you want you have more options select more columns. Select the two column option. If you decide that you don't want columns click on the one column button and it will change it back to the original format.

PowerPoint 2007 Text Direction

Next Icon is Text direction. This feature can give your slides more style and make it easier to fit text onto a slide. Click on this button and it will bring down a drop down menu that you can choose from. This button has option of Horizontal, Rotate text 90 degrees, rotate all text 270 degrees and stacked. More options at the bottom will open the format text effects window to customize you text more. Highlight your text, select an option from the text direction dropdown menu. If you don't like it or want to change it back click on horizontal and it will go back to normal.

PowerPoint 2007 Align Text

Below text direction is the Align text option. Go up to the align text icon and click on it will bring up a drop down menu as well that looks like this. Here you can align your text top, middle, bottom and it give you more options if needed

Highlight your text and select each one of these options to see where it aligns the text in the text box.

PowerPoint 2007 SmartArt

The last button in the paragraph section of the home tab is convert to SmartArt. This button will give you options to create a different look for your PowerPoint slides. Click the Convert to SmartArt button to bring up the drop down menu.

Make a selection from the SmartArt dropdown menu. Now PowerPoint will open a new window that says type text here. Type your text then click the x button in the top right corner of the window. PowerPoint also opens the SmartArt design and format tab. Using these tabs you have more options to customize your presentation.

That concludes the paragraph section of the home tab. Click next to continue to the Drawing section or select another tutorial from the list below.