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PowerPoint 2007 Slides

PowerPoint 2007 Slides

The PowerPoint 2007 slides section of the home tab is what we will cover next.

PowerPoint 2007 New Slide Drop Down Menu

Click on the slide Icon drop down arrow. It will give you a drop down menu. Here you can select what kind of slides you want. You can choose a title slide, title and content, section header, two content, comparison, title only, blank, content with caption, or picture with caption. Your selection depends on what information you need to put on your slides. Once you select what slide you want the layout will appear on the big slide in your working screen.

If you click on the New slides button without using the drop down arrow you will get the default slide with a title and content.

PowerPoint Duplicate Selected Slides

The next option in the New Slides dropdown menu is the duplicate selected slide option. Once you choose the layout of the slide you can hit the duplicate selected slide option and the new slides will have the same layout as the previous one.

Below duplicate selected slides is the Slides from outline option. Click on this and the windows browser will come up. From this window browse to the location you have saved a slide layout and select it to insert the slide into your presentation.

PowerPoint Reuse Slides PowerPoint Reuse Slides Navigation Bar

Below that there is the reuse slides selection. If you click on this option it will open a side bar on the right hand side of your screen. If you have slides that you have used in previous Presentations you can browse slides that you have saved and reuse them. In the Reuse slides side bar you will also see two links; Open a slide library and Open a PowerPoint File. These can be used in addition the to the drop down arrow and the browse button to find previous slides.

PowerPoint 2007 Layout

The next button in the slides section of the Home tab is the layout button. Here you can choose the layout of the slides that you want. It gives you a list of options that you can apply to your slide show. Choose whatever one fits best for what you are trying to present

These are the same options shown in the drop down menu of the New slide button. The difference is that this button can be used to change the layout of a slide that already exists not just create a new slide.

These layouts may vary if a template is being used.

PowerPoint 2007 reset button

The reset button is to set the default settings on the selected slide back to how it was before. All you have to do is click on the button and it will reset the slide that you have.

PowerPoint 2007 Delete

The delete button under slides will delete one slide every time you press it. So if you need to remove a slide just press this button and the selected slide will be deleted.

That is the last button in the Slides section of the home tab. Click the next button to move onto the PowerPoint 2007 Slides section or choose another tutorial from the list below.