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PowerPoint 2007 SmartArt Design

The PowerPoint 2007 smartart design tab has many different options to edit and customize your smartart.

PowerPoint 2007 SmartArd design tab

The first Icon we are going to look at is the add shape icon this is located in the upper left hand side of the design bar under the Windows Icon

PowerPoint 2007 Add Shape

Once you have inserted your SmartArt on your slide you can select the drop down menu under the add shape icon. It will give you a few options, if you click on one of the shapes in your smart art and click add shape it will insert another shape after the shape your cursor is on. Add shape before will add the shape before the selected shape.

PowerPoint 2007 Add bullet

The add bullet icon is an icon where it allows you to add bullets into your smart art. If you click on one of your smart art boxes to where your cursor blinks and start typing the bullet will automatically appear. If you want to remove the bullets click on the add bullet icon again and it will remove them.

PowerPoint Right to Left

Right to left allows you to re arrange the order of your shapes. If you have a smart art shape that you want to swap with the one on the left click the box select the right to left icon and it will move the boxes around.

PowerPoint 2007 Promote

Promote is used when you need to increase the size level of the smart art boxes click on one of the boxes and then click on the promote icon and you will see the size of the boxes change.

PowerPoint 2007 demote

Demote is used to decrease the size of the smart art boxes you want to do the same thing as you did with the promote icon click on one of the boxes and click demote and you will see the size of the boxes decrease.

PowerPoint Text Pane

Text pane is another way, and an easier way to edit the text that you have in your boxes. Once you click on this icon it will bring up a box show in the figure to the right. If you click on one of the lines that say text and type in what you want to appear in your smart art box. Each line represents a different box.

PowerPoint 2007 Design Layout

The Layout section of the SmartArt design tab is where you can change how you want your smart art to look. If you put your cursor over one of the designs it will show you how it will look on your slide. If you press the down arrow that is highlighted in yellow in the picture, it will give you the option to choose more layouts.

PowerPoint 2007 Choose a SmartArt Graphic

Once you do that you will see The Choose a SmartArt Graphic window. Here you have the option to choose what kind of smart art would best fit your slide. Scroll down and click on each option until you find the one you want once you do select ok and that smart art will be applied to your slide.

PowerPoint 2007 Change Color Button in Design Tab

Change color icon is where you can change the colors of your smart art. It gives you different options on color themes that you can pick from. To see what it will look like before you apply it place your cursor over one of the options and it will change on your slide.

Smart styles are a bar at the top of the page. Here you are able to change the style of your smart art graphics.

PowerPoint 2007 SmartArt Styles

You can add different styles to your graphics in order to give them a new effect. Some look polished, shadows, even 3d. Click on the bottom arrow to the right of the smart art styles and you will see a drop down box. Here is where you are able to apply the 3d effects to your smart art graphics.

PowerPoint 2007 Reset Graphic

Reset graphic is the last icon on the design tab. If you have added different colors or styles to your smart art graphics and you want it to go back to its original format. Press the reset graphic icon and it will take the smart art back to the default settings.

That concludes the PowerPoint 2007 SmartArt Design tab tutorial. Select a new tutorial from the list below to keep learning.

Written by Kai-Lynn Slinde