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PowerPoint 2007 SmartArt Format

Under the PowerPoint 2007 SmartArt format tab there are five sections that we are going to be looking at. They are shapes, shape styles, word art styles, arrange, and size. We are going to start with the shapes first.

PowerPoint 2007 Edit in 2D

The first icon is the edit 2D this icon is used if you need to make edits to your smart art graphics. It makes it a little easier to edit if they are in 2D. You can only use this option if you have applied 3D to your smart art. Go ahead and click on the edit 2D icon and it will change your smart art from 3D back to 2D format for editing.

PowerPoint 2007 Change Shape

Change Shape if you highlight one of your smart art boxes you are able to change the shape of that specific box. Click on one of your smart art boxes and then click on the change shape. You will see this drop down box. From this menu choose what shape you want. Once you click on it that will become the new shape. If you want to undo it just kick on the blue arrow at the very top of the screen to undo.

PowerPoint 2007 Larger

Larger if you have a smart art box that you want to make bigger than the rest. Click on the smart art box that you want to enlarge then click the larger button and it will make it bigger. For each time that you click on the larger icon the size will increase.

PowerPoint 2007 Smaller

Smaller icon does exactly the same thing as the larger icon. Click on the smart art box you want to decrease the size and then click smaller button and it will reduce the size. Remember each time you click smaller it will decrease the size.

PowerPoint 2007 Shape Style

With the Shape styles you are able to change the look of your smart art. If you click on the bottom arrow it will give you a drop down menu that you can choose more styles from. Just roll your mouse over the style that you are interested in and it will give you a preview on your slide before you select it.

PowerPoint 2007 Shape Fill

Shape Fill allows you to change the color of the smart art boxes. Click on the SmartArt shape you would like to change then click on shape fill and select the color you want your smart art box to be. You also have the option of inserting a picture into one of the smart art boxes by selecting the picture option it will take you to your windows browser for you to browse your files and select a picture from a location on your computer. Gradient changes the look of the color and texture will give you a list of textures you may want to use in your smart art graphics.

PowerPoint 2007 Shape Outline

Shape Outline gives you the ability to outline your smart art boxes. The theme color is going to be the actual color of the border. More outline colors will give you more options to choose from. You have the weight which is how thick you want the lines to be. Dashes will give you different options of what kind of outline you want on your smart art boxes. You apply all of these options by clicking on the smart art box you would like to make the changes to then making your selection from the shape outline button.

PowerPoint 2007 Shape Effects

With the Shape effects feature you can add shadows glow effects even 3D rotation to your smart art graphics. Click on which shape effect button to see the drop down menu of all of the options. When you have decided on the effect you would like to apply click on the effect to open a side menu to see the various options of that effect. To apply it to smart art box you have selected click on one of the side menu options.

PowerPoint 2007 Word Art Styles

Word art styles allow you to use designer text options in your smart art boxes. If you highlight your text in your boxes you can choose any of the word art styles and apply that to your text. Use the arrows on the right hand side of the word art styles to move through all of the styles.

PowerPoint 2007 text fill

With Text fill you can do the same thing as shape fill. Highlight the text that you want to change. You can change the color, the texture and the gradient. Apply the text fill by highlighting the text then make your selection from the Text Fill drop down menu.

PowerPoint 2007 Text Outline

Text outline will add a border to your text. When you pick a color it will change the outside edge color not the inside. You can determine the thickness of the line by selecting weight and whatever pt. size you want. You can change the look of the line by selecting dashes this will give you different looks for the border around your text.

PowerPoint 2007 Text Effect

Text effects option is used to add more style and customization to your text. You can make text have shadows, reflections, glow, even transform. If you click the transform selection it will bring up a side menu that shows in the picture. Place your cursor over a transformation that you want your text to look like and you will be able to preview it within the smart art box with the text you have highlighted before you select it. To select the option you want just click on it

PowerPoint 2007 Arrange

In the next section, Arrange, you are able to change the location of the smart art features on your page. Bring front is where you can bring the object to the front and use it to layer objects on your slide. If you have a picture and text box select the text box and then click bring to front and you will be able to see the text in front of your picture. Send to back allows you to send the object behind another object. Select the picture you want to be in the back click it and then click send to back and it will send it to the back.

PowerPoint 2007 Selection Pane

Selection Pane brings up a pane that will show what order everything is in your smart art boxes. You are able to rearrange objects on this pane which can make it easier to see where you want everything to be. It will list them in the order that they are in on your box

PowerPoint 2007 Align

Align is used to place your Smart art graphics in a specific location on your slides. You have the options of Align left which will align your smart art to the left of your slides. Align center will put them in the center of the page. You have the options to align top, middle, bottle, horizontal, vertical align to slide which will put your smart art in position with your slide. Align to other objects will allow you to pick another object to align to. If you select view gridlines it will put a grid on your slide so you are able to align your smart art according to the grid.

PowerPoint 2007 Group

Group is a good button to use if you want to group objects together and make them one object. Regroup changes the order of objects and ungroup breaks objects apart so they become individual objects.

PowerPoint 2007 Rotate

Rotate is very simple to use. It is used to rotate your Smart art graphic. You can rotate right 90 degrees by clicking on the 90 degrees button or rotate it left, flip it vertical horizontal by just clicking on the option that you want. If you just place your cursor over an option before clicking on it you can preview what it will look like before you make your selection.

PowerPoint 2007 Height & Width features

Height and width is the icon that looks like this shown in the picture to the left. Height is used to increase or decrease the height of your smart art graphic. If you click the up arrow it will make the graphic bigger and if you press the down arrow it will make the graphic smaller. Width is the bottom box that says 4.37 on the picture. Here you can make the graphic smaller length wise or bigger length wise. Do the same thing the up arrows make it wider and the bottom arrow makes it skinner.

That concludes the Format section of PowerPoint 2007. Please click on one of the links below to select another tutorial.