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PowerPoint 2007

If you are new to PowerPoint 2007 or have never used it before this tutorial is here to provide you with step by step instructions on how you use ever function from the basic to advanced functions of PowerPoint.

Most PowerPoint users will find this program helpful when creating a PowerPoint presentation for school, work, even personal. I will show you how to do all of these step by step so you can navigate PowerPoint easily and efficiently.

When you open PowerPoint 2007 you will be opening a new project. All of your basic commands are located in the upper left hand corner of the screen under a button that looks like the office 2007 icon. Let's start by clicking the icon in the left hand corner so I can describe what all of these functions do.

PowerPoint 2007 MS Office Icon

Start by clicking on the Microsoft Office 2007 icon you will see a drop down. Even though you already have a new document open click on the new icon. Click on New or the icon that looks like a blank sheet of paper. Once you click on that you will see a screen that comes up that says blank and recent click that icon and you will see a box that says blank presentation. All this function does is give you another way to start a new presentation.

PowerPoint 2007 New Presentation Window

Now while we have this screen open click on the icon that says installed templates. Once you click on it you will see six options come up. These are pre-designed templates that you can use instead of creating your own. Click on each one to see what the differences. Tthey each have a theme you can use depending on what kind of project you are working on. Once you choose what template you want click on it then click the create button at the lower right hand corner and it will create that template for you to work on.

Alternatively, you can download templates from third party websites and resources, for example SlideHunter.com offers free presentation templates for business presentations that you can download for free.

PowerPoint 2007 Templates

Now let's move on to the next link in the New Presentation Window, Installed themes. Again once you click on this icon you will see some options for color and font themes that are already made that you can easily use for your project. Click on each one to see what the differences are or until you find one you like and want to use. Once you find the one you want press the create button in the lower right hand corner to apply that theme to your PowerPoint 2007 project. If you click on one that you don't want to use press the cancel button in the lower right hand corner and it will cancel your selection.

PowerPoint 2007 Installed Themes

The next link in the Templates section of the New Presentation window is My templates. Click on that link and you will see a pop up appear on your screen. You will see a message telling you how to save a template you have already done in case you want to use it for another project.

PowerPoint 2007 My Templates
To save a template click on the office 2007 icon in the top left hand corner. Go to save as, then go to trusted templates and then save the file as a template. To exit out of this screen just push the cancel button in the lower left hand corner and it will take you back to the main screen.

PowerPoint 2007 Microsoft Office Online

Under this last link you will see a feature that says Microsoft Office Online. You will see a list of different options that you can use depending on what kind of presentation you are working on. These features are a little bit different. You can click on them to find out what different options they have online. In this list of options you will see where you can create certificates, flyers, business cards etc. For example if you want to create a business card click on the business card icon and then print business cards. Once you do that accept the terms select download and it will let you create them.

Click the red X in the upper right corner to close the new Presentation window. Go back up to the Microsoft office logo, the 4 colored squares, in the upper left hand corner of the computer screen and click on it. You will see the drop down menu move your curser over the open icon. The icon looks like a folder that is half way opened. Click on that icon and it will bring up the Open window.

PowerPoint 2007 Open
In this screen you can search for a PowerPoint Presentation that you have saved type in the file name in the box that says file name and select open. This will open up the PowerPoint presentation you were working on or had saved so you can edit or continue to work on it.

Now I will show you how to save a document. We are going to follow the same steps as before click on the Microsoft Office 2007 Icon in the top left corner of the screen. Move your mouse over the save icon the icon that looks like a blue disk. Go ahead and click on the save icon. If this is the first time you saved your presentation it will pop up with the Save As window that looks like this.

PowerPoint 2007 Save Window
If you have already saved your document it will save and no window will open. Once you are on this screen you will see, towards the bottom of the screen where it says file name. This is where you can type in what you want to save your document as. For example type in Powerpoint1 and press save. Once you press save it will automatically save the presentation. It is a good idea throughout working on your project that you press the save button so you don't lose the work you have already done.

PowerPoint 2007 Save As

Moving right along we will now go over the save as icon. Click on the Microsoft office 2007 icon in the upper left hand corner. Scroll down to the blue disk icon that says save as. This is located right under the other disk icon that says save. Once you have your cursor over the save as icon it is going to provide you with a list of six options that you can choose from.

The first option is Power Point Presentation this is an option that you can use to open your PowerPoint in presentation mode. When you open your project it will Open in presentation mode and only go to the next slide if you click the mouse. This option is good if you need to do a presentation and you want to be able to control when you move to the next screen. The next option is Power Point Show. If you save your PowerPoint project under this option when you open it your project will always open in slide show form. This means that it will go from screen to screen by itself leaving the set time between each slide. The PowerPoint 97-2003 option you can use if you are working on a PowerPoint 2007 project and you have to open it on another computer that has an older version of PowerPoint. Open Document Presentation is used if you want to be able to import the PowerPoint presentation into a non PowerPoint program. You have to be careful when using this because you may lose some of the content. The next one is to save your PowerPoint as a PDF file this is a way to save your project so that if someone doesn't have PowerPoint they are still able to open the file and see what is in it and they cannot make changes to your presentation. The last one is Other Formats this is kind of the same as the PDF but you are able to choose what format you want to save your presentation as. You would use this if you have to open it somewhere else that does not have PowerPoint or if you are sending it to someone who needs to open the presentation in a specific program.

PowerPoint 2007 Print Options

Now we are going to look at the print icon and features. Click on the Microsoft Office Icon. Move your mouse over the printer icon you will see another screen come up with three options it looks like this.

PowerPoint 2007 Print window

The first option is Print go ahead and move your cursor over the print icon and click on it. This will pop up a window that looks like this. From here you can select what printer you want it to print on. You can also select how many copies you want you can change the gray scale so it will make your document lighter or darker. Once you have selected the number of copies the printer you want it printed on and the other options you choose you just press the OK button at the bottom right hand side of the window and it will print out the document.

Quick Print is the Next option this option you are not able to make changes to the printer it will just send the information to the printer and print it as is.

PowerPoint 2007 Print Preview

Print Preview is the last option go ahead and click the print preview icon from here you can preview the document before you print it. In the Print preview window it gives you the option to change the header and footer the color and gray scale you will be able to see the changes before you print. You can also click where it says slides and select the slide that you want to preview. Zoom makes the font bigger and easier to see. Fit to window makes the page go back to the original size. And the last thing is Close Print preview this will take you out of the preview screen and take you back to the original screen.

PowerPoint 2007 Perpare

Now go back to the Microsoft Office 2007 icon and look at the Prepare Icon. Click on the prepare Icon it looks like a piece of paper with a pencil. Move your cursor over the prepare icon and you will see six options.

We will start with the first one that says Properties click on this and it will bring up a screen where you can edit and change Author, title, subject, keywords, categories and status.

PowerPoint 2007 Prepare Properties

To edit click in the box that you want and type in what you are editing.

PowerPoint 2007 Document Inspector

Next is Inspect Document click on this icon and it will bring up the Document Inspector window you can checkmark the boxes that you want to inspect. Comments and annotations is an option that you can select if you want to check the document for comments and ink annotations. Ink annotations are used to write on the presentation for example circle a word or drawing an arrow on the page. Document Properties and personal information This is where you can search the presentation for hidden information such as personal information like user names and passwords. Custom XML data is a way for you to share confidential information with the outside world. Visible on-slide content this will scan the presentation to see if there are any hidden things on the slide marked as invisible or that was covered by something else or another object. Off Slide Content - by checking this box it will scan the presentationt for objects and text that are not visible because they are outside the slide area. This does not include animations. Presentation Notes inspect the presenters notes.

PowerPoint 2007 Document Inspector Results

Once you have checked the boxes of what you want the Document Inspector click on inspect button at the lower right hand side of the document and it will scan for everything checked. Once it's done you will see a screen that says inspection results this will tell you everything that was found. Once you have reviewed the data press close.

PowerPoint 2007 Encrypt Document

Encrypt Document this is for security reasons. Press the encrypt document and it will pop up a window that says for you to put in a password. Once you put in the password if you want someone to open this document you must give them the password or they will not be able to view the document. Make sure it is a password that you can remember and the password is case sensitive.

PowerPoint 2007 Digital Signature

Add a digital signature press this button it will come up with a window where you can add a digital signature. Once you see this screen press ok it will tell you to save the presentation in a mode that supports digital signatures if you have not already done so.

PowerPoint 2007 Get a Digital ID

In the Get a digital Id Window if you select the option to use Microsoft partner people will be able to verify the signature if you choose to create your own digital ID no one will be able to verify the signature. You will be able to verify the signature but only from your own computer.

Mark as Final allows you to let people know that the project is final and it will make it as a read only document which means you will not be able to make changes to it as well as anyone else won't be able to either. Run Compatibality Checker this will check for any compatibility issues from earlier versions of PowerPoint.

PowerPoint 2007 Send

Now let's move on to the Send Icon. Click on the Microsoft Office 2007 icon go down to the send icon it looks like the envelope with two people on it. Move your cursor over the send icon and you will see four options the first option is email this is where you can send the document as an attachment or copy and email it to someone else. This option will automatically start Outlook 2007 or your default email client with the presentation attached. Next option is email as a PDF attachment. If you click on this button it will attach the document in a PDF format so you can email it to someone as an attachment. Send as an XPS attachment this will send your document as an XPS format as an attachment to whoever you need. Internet Fax is an option where you can use your internet to send the document as a fax. To use a fax your computer will need a fax modem and be plugged into the phone line.

PowerPoint 2007 Publish

Next is Publish move your cursor to the Microsoft office 2007 icon in the left hand corner and click then place your mouse over where it says Publish. It will pop up with four different options that I will explain now. The first one is Package for CD click on this icon it will ask you to name your CD once you name it click on copy CD at the bottom of the screen. It will come up with a screen that says do you want to link files in your presentation select the option that you want and hit yes, no or cancel.

PowerPoint 2007 Send to Microsoft Office Word

The next option in Publish is Create handouts in Microsoft office Word. Click on the icon and the send to Microsoft Office Word window will come up. Here you can select the layout that you want by clicking the radio button. Select if you would like to paste the full slides or a link to the slides and click OK when you are finished. This feature places all of your notes in a Word 2007 document where you can edit them or review them using Word instead of PowerPoint.

Document Management server this is where you can share the document by saving it to a document management server. This feature will only be used if you are connected to a network and other people are able to access this folder.

PowerPoint 2007 Document Management

Create document workspace is the last option in Publish. If you click on this button you will be able to create a workspace site that you can share, copy and work on the presentation together. You can synchronize it from computer to computer using share point server. This is something that needs to be set up beforehand to work. Using Share point you will be able to see changes made to the presentation while someone else is working on it.

The Close button in the Microsoft Office 2007 logo looks like a closed folder icon at the bottom of the drop down screen this will close the current project you are working on.

Next I will take you through the working screen on the main page. I will .start in the upper left and work my way across and down the window.

PowerPoint 2007 Short Cut Bar

If you move to the right of the Microsoft windows 2007 icon you will see the short cut icons. This bar can be changed to meet your needs. The features consist of a blue disk used to save your presentation. Press this periodically throughout the presentation when working to save the information quickly so you can move forward without losing the data you have already put on the presentation. Next to that you will see 2 blue arrow icons if you did something that you want to undo press this button and it will go back to the information that you had before. The other one will redo changes that you deleted. The next icon to the right of that is a blue arrow that goes in a circle. If you press this it will repeat the last action you made on your presentation. You may have more options click the down arrow to see your other options. To add or delete features from the short cut bar check or uncheck them from this menu.

At the center, top of the screen you will see the name of the document so if you named the Power Point presentation PowerPoint1 you will see that at the very top center of your screen. To the right of Presentation Title there is a little dash button if you click it will minimize the screen that you are working on the next button is two squares if you hit this it will make the page full screen or partial screen. The "X" button next to that will close out of everything only hit this button if you are done working on the presentation and you have everything saved.

Below the shortcut bar and the presentation title you see a ribbon. This ribbon acts like tabs to help you

PowerPoint 2007 Ribbon Tabs
find the features you would like to use. By clicking on any of the tabs you will see a new set of options below the tab.

PowerPoint 2007 Navigation Pane

Below the ribbon features on the left side you will see two more tabs; slides and outline. In this left navigation pane you will see each slide you have created. If Slide is selected you will see a small version of the slide. If you have Outline selected you will see a list of slide titles.

To the right of the navigation pane is where you will do all of your work on the slides. Each slide will show up here for you to work on. To jump from slide to slide click on it in the navigation pane and it will be displayed in the center of your working screen.

In the bottom left corner you will see Slide 1 of 1. This will tell you what slide you are working on and how many slides you have total. Next to the slide count is the title of theme of the presentation you have selected. Next to the theme is an icon used for spell check. This will display a red x if there are spelling mistakes in your presentation. If you see the red x appear click on it and it will start the spell check feature.

PowerPoint 2007 View Options & Zoom

Moving across the bottom of the working screen to the right you will see 3 buttons. The first button is normal view. This will make your working screen look like it does when you first open PowerPoint 2007. Next is the slide sorter, this will give you a screen that lists your slides in smaller thumbnail format across your screen. In this view you are able to move slide order. The last view button is the slide show. Clicking on this button will start your slide show presentation.

Next to the three view buttons is your zoom. Click on the number to see a list of zoom options. You are also able to click on the minus or plus sign to change the zoom or click on the slider and drag it across between the minus and plus buttons.

That concludes the PowerPoint 2007 tutorial. Please click next to move onto the Home tab or select another tutorial below.

Written By: Kai-Lynn Slinde