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PowerPoint 2010 Background

Page Setup - Themes - background

PowerPoint 2010 Background

The Background section under the design tab is the best way to create custom backgrounds for a slideshow. Clicking the Background styles icon drops a menu with some basic options. Clicking on any of the default backgrounds will place it on your slide. I will show you how to create a custom background.

PowerPoint 2010 Background Styles

At the bottom of the drop down menu is the option to format background. Click this and the format background window will appear.

PowerPoint 2010 Format Background

The first option in the navigation bar is the "fill" option. The "fill" bar is where colored backgrounds are created. Click the radio button on the option you want for the background.

  • Solid fill makes the background one color. Each selection will give you a different set of options.
  •  Gradient fill is where you can select more than one color and have them transition through the page.
  • Picture or texture fill gives you more options to customize your background selection. You can browse your computer for pictures.
  • The patterns allow you to add a pattern to the page and you can change the color of a pattern.

To demonstrate these features I want my background to be a picture of the earth. However I want to add artistic affects to it with corrections and change the transparency by changing the percentages. The end result looks like this.

PowerPoint 2010 Background Sample

The first thing I did was insert a picture under fill from a file on my computer. Then I clicked picture corrections and changed the sharpness to 100% by dragging the bar. On that page I also made the image brighter. Then I clicked the picture color bar and changed the saturation to 400% and made the color tone 11,000.

As you can see this made a very unique background that I can apply to all of my slides. These effects can be used to create very interesting backgrounds but remember that you still have to be able to read the text and the worst thing would be to spend 30 minutes on an amazing background that you can't use. To make text use the transparency feature to lighten the image.

If you change your mind on the background you can click the reset background button at the bottom of the window. If you like the background click apply to all.

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That concludes the background tutorial.
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