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PowerPoint 2010 Design

Page Setup - Themes - background

PowerPoint 2010 Design Tab

The Design tab is third tab on PowerPoint. Clicking it will bring up the design bar. In the design bar you can change how the slide background looks and how the page is sized and oriented. Changing the size and orientation of a slide is controlled in the first section, Page Setup.

PowerPoint 2010 Page Setup section of the Design Tab

There are two options that appear in the page setup section, "Page Setup" and "Slide Orientation". If you click the "Page setup" icon this window will appear.

owerPoint 2010 Page Setup Window

This is where the entire page sizing is controlled. The first option is, Slides sized for, this option allows you to change the screen ratio so that a slide could fit full or widescreen. These are selected in the drop down menu. Click the down arrow under Slides sized for: to see the options. These options can be changed to fit any standard display or page size.

PowerPoint 2010 Slides Sized for Drop Down Menu

Slide size can also be manually entered by adjusting the width and height options below this.

"Number slides from" is the next option and it just changes the slide number. On the right are the orientation options. You can pick if the slide should be portrait or landscape as well as the notes and handouts. When you click OK all of the changes will automatically be applied to the slide. Click cancel will keep the settings as they were before.

The next icon is the slide orientation and is a drop menu that you can use to select if the slides should be portrait or landscape without having to go into page setup.

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That concludes the Design tab and Page Setup section tutorial.
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