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PowerPoint 2010 Flash

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Flash is an interactive multimedia format. Some Flash media are graphics that allow users to interact with the animation by moving and clicking their mouse, but Flash is also used to create animated movies.

PowerPoint 2010 Media - Flash

PowerPoint 2010 will allow you to play a Flash movie during your presentation just as if it were any other media clip. The procedure for inserting Flash content into your presentation is exactly the same as any other video.

PowerPoint 2010 Flash Video

Start by opening your PowerPoint presentation and move to the slide where you will insert your Flash content. We will be inserting an animated Flash logo to the first slide of our presentation. Select Video from the Media section of the Insert tab.

The insert video dialog box will open. Locate your Flash content and select Insert. You can embed the file by inserting it or link to the file. We will select Insert and the flash animation will land in the middle of the screen.

PowerPoint 2010 Media-Insert Flash

Drag your content to the appropriate location and resize. To test your Flash content, run your slide show by selecting From Current Slide from the Start Slide Show section of the Slide Show tab. Select esc on your keyboard to go back to normal view.

PowerPoint 2010 Flash Current Slide

Tips to keep in mind when using  Flash content:

  • You can’t apply video effects to Flash content (no soft edges, glows, bevels or other formatting).
  • Fade or trim tools are not allowed for Flash content.
  • Flash videos can’t be compressed when sharing your presentation.
  • Flash animations don’t play on some mobile devices.
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