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PowerPoint 2010 Media

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PowerPoint 2010 Media

The PowerPoint 2010 media tab allows you to insert a video or audio piece onto your slide. This can be useful to add an explanation or visuals to the presentation. There are two icons in the insert tab media section.

PowerPoint 2010 Video Button

The first button is the video icon. Clicking the video icon opens the option to insert a video from another file on your computer. Clicking the down arrow on the video icon brings up these options.

The first option, video from a file, brings up the windows explorer window that opens if you just click the the icon. From this window you can browse to a video file on your computer to insert into your presentation.

PowerPoint 2010 Insert Video from Website Window

The next option, Video from Web Site, opens a window that displays a space to paste the url from web site video. Once a url (ex. is entered click the insert button and the video will be inserted into your presentation.

PowerPoint 2010 Insert Media ClipArt

The final option is to upload a Clip Art video. Click this option and the clip art bar opens. In this bar which appears on the right search for the type of animation you want and pick from the list. Double click the one you have decided on and it will appear on the slide.

PowerPoint 2010 Audio Button

The last icon is the audio icon. The first two options, Audio from File and Clip Art Audio, are exactly the same and do the same thing as inserting a video except they insert audio clips instead The last option in the Audio drop down menu gives you have the ability to record audio. To do this click the record audio button. To do this you must have a microphone plugged into your computer.

PowerPoint 2010 Record Sound Window

The Record Sound window will pop up. Clicking the red circle button, record button will start the recording. The the blue square stops the recording when you're done. To listen to the recording press the arrow and if it sounds good enter the name and press ok to insert your audio recording into your presentation.

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