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PowerPoint 2010 Slideshow

You have created all slides for your presentation and ready to show your work. Where will we start?

Lets review the Slideshow Tab.

PowerPoint 2010 Slideshow

Start Slide Show section of Slide Show tab ribbon:

One of the slides on the left is highlited with yellow. This is the current slide, the one you see in the main portion of your window.

We can watch our entire Slide Show from the first slide (From Beginning) or From Current Slide. How to move from one slide to another we described in Transitions section of this tutorial.

Broadcast Slide Show - you can broadcast a PowerPoint 2010 presentation to remote users who can watch it via browser! Send a link via email to the people with whom you would like to share the presentation and they can all enjoy the show at the same time!

To broadcast presentation, you have to use a broadcast service. Sharepoint is one of the options, if you and your audience have access to Sharepoint broadcast site. But we can use the PowerPoint Broadcast Service. Anyone can get a free Windows Live ID and then use it to broadcast their PowerPoint presentation.

When setting up your PowerPoint for broadcast, consider this:

  • all of the audience members must be able to use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari for Mac browsers to connect to the Internet
  • some of your transitions, audio, and video may need to be adjusted. All transitions will have a Fade effect during the broadcast. You might need to upload the video to a separate site to be able to show it to anyone watching your presentation.

So, let's click Broadcast Slide Show button.

PowerPoint 2010 Braodcast

New window will open

PowerPoint 2010 Braodcast Slide Show Window

To use the PowerPoint Broadcast Service, click Start Broadcast in the Broadcast Slide Show dialog box. If you are using another Sharepoint service, then you will need to click Change Broadcast Service. You will then need to select the service you would like to use to broadcast your show. If you cannot see the service you would like to use, then you will need to select "Add a new service".

PowerPoint 2010 Connection to Broadcast your Presentation

Login with your Windows Live ID. If you do not have a Windows Live ID you can sign up from here by using the sign up link on the bottom left of the window.

A web address (URL) will be created for you. You can send it out via email by copying and pasting the link into the body of your email. Each of the participants in your broadcast will then be able to click on the unique web address in the email and see the presentation after you have selected Start Slide Show. During your presentation broadcast, you will have a Broadcast tab that will appear with options for you during the presentation. You can end the show by hitting the ESC key to end your PowerPoint show and then click End Broadcast.

Custom Slide Show - here you can create several variations of your presentation for different audiences and durations.

PowerPoint 2010 Define custom Slide Show

To Define Custom Show, name new version, add any set of slides from left (all slides) to right (custom set). You can even change sequence of slides in custom show by moving any slide up or down (use arrows on right)

That concludes the PowerPoint 2010 Slide Show tutorial. Please click next to continue to the Set up section of the Slide Show tab.