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PowerPoint 2010 Symbols

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The symbols section of the Insert tab allows you to add mathematical equations and characters that are not on your keyboard into your presentation.

PowerPoint 2010 Equation

The first icon is the equation icon. Clicking it will add an empty text box and bring you to the Equation Tools tab which is explained here.

This can be complicated if you want a standard equation. For a list of equations click the down arrow on the equation icon. This bar will drop down with multiple equation options.

I want to add the equation area of the circle so I will click it.

PowerPoint 2010 Equation Tools Tab
PowerPoint 2010 Sample Equation

The equation will pop up on the page in a text box. If for some reason you want to add something else just edit like a normal text box.

PowerPoint 2010 Equation button drop down menu
PowerPoint 2010 Symbol Button

In this case you may want to add a symbol, use the next icon, the symbol icon.

You will notice the box may appear gray and be unusable. To make the this icon light up simply click within the text box where you would like to add the symbol.

PowerPoint 2010 Symbol Window

Then click the symbol icon and this menu will appear. Pick the symbol you want and add it to the equation. Repeat the process as needed for additional symbols.

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This concludes the Symbols tutorial.
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