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PowerPoint 2010 Text

PowerPoint 2010 Text section of the Insert tab

The PowerPoint 2010 Text section of the Insert tab allows the user to insert and edit Text, Word Art, date and time and add slide numbers to their PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint 2010 Text Box Button

The first icon in the text section of the insert tab is Text Box.

PowerPoint 2010 Text Box Sample

This allows you to insert text and move it around the page. When the button is clicked on move the mouse cursor onto the page the normal cursor should look like an upside down T. Now click and hold the left mouse button then drag the cursor until the box it the size you want. The box will only be adjustable by width as height is automatically set. From here the text box can be moved and changed like any other box by right clicking or normally typed in. To move a text box simply the box and drag it to the desired position. To resize it click the box and move the dots that are on the dotted lines. The green dot rotates the box.

PowerPoint 2010 Header & Footer Button

The second icon says Header & Footer. Once you click the icon this menu will pop up.

PowerPoint 2010 Header and Footer Window

In the slide tab of the Header & Footer menu there are four selectable boxes, Date and Time, Slide Number, Footer, and Don't show on title slide.

Checking the Date and Time box will display the date in the lower left corner of the page. The gray text on under this becomes black and gives two options. Selecting Update automatically the date will change every day to match however, if you select the Fixed bar and type, the desired date this will be permanently displayed and not change.

Selecting Slide number will display which slide you are during the presentation on in the lower right hand side of the page.

Selecting Footer will allow you to add text to the bottom of the page by typing in the box directly below Footer.

If you select Don't show on title slide none of the above will be seen on the title slide this is only relevant if you select Apply to All.

All of these options can be used on a single slide by clicking apply while on the desired slide or applied to all by clicking Apply to All.

This is an example displaying all three options used.

PowerPoint 2010 Footer Sample
PowerPoint 2010 Notes & Handouts Tab in Header and Footer window

Click on the Notes and Handouts tab. This tab in the Header and Footer window is very similar to the Slide tab of the Header and Footer icon. This however adds the option of a header which is displayed across the top of the page. These options only affect the Handout Master and Notes Master in the View bar.

Click Apply to All to save your changes in this section or Cancel button to discard changes and return to your slides.

PowerPoint 2010 Word Art Button

The next icon under the insert tab is the WordArt icon. This allows you do enter decrative font to a slide.

PowerPoint 2010 WordArt DropDown

Today I want to put in decrative font "Hello". First click the word art icon. You will get a drop down mune that looks like this. Click a stlye you like and you will get a new text box that says PowerPoint 2010 WordArt Sample"Your text here" in it with the style you choose. Simply triple click the text and then type what you want to add. To the left is my finished product. More options apear above but that will be covered in the format section.

PowerPoint 2010 Date & Time

The next icon is Date & Time. However this brings up the Header & Footer menu which is explained in the Header & Footer section.

PowerPoint 2010 Slide Number

After the Date & Time icon is the slide number icon. This is also explained in the Header & Footer section. As it brings up the same menu.

PowerPoint 2010 Object

The Object icon inserts an embedded object into your document such as a media clip or an excel document.

Click on the Object button . This will open the Object window. In this window you can select the type of object you would like to insert from a list of programs.

PowerPoint 2010 Insert Object

If I want to add a graph from a Microsoft excel worksheet I would click the appropriate object type which in this case would be the "Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet" then clicking ok. A Excel document will apear on the slide and could be used just like normal excel to show a graph or a table.

Click the next arrow to continue to the symbols section of the insert tab.