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PowerPoint 2010 Themes

The next section in the Design tab is the Themes - it is very user friendly.

PowerPoint 2010 Themes section of the Design Tab

You will notice the first box is highlighted already and this is the automatic or default font and background. Clicking the other options along the bar will change the style of a slide.

PowerPoint 2010 Theme Options

Clicking the arrows on the right side of the slide options will scroll down or bring up this drop menu which shows all of the themes. Simply click one and it will automatically apply it to your presentation.

PowerPoint 2010 Color Font and Effects buttons

If you don't like the colors or fonts available in the theme you can manually select the colors and fonts that you want.

Just click the drop bars that are on the right of the theme selection like you did for the themes. In here you may choose the options that you like in the theme. Colors change the background as do effects, while font changes the font in every slide. By changing these you can totally customize the theme of these your presentation.

Next Tutorial: PowerPoint 2010 Background

That concludes the PowerPoint 2010 Themes tutorial.
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