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PowerPoint 2010

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Welcome to the PowerPoint 2010 transitions tutorial. We will be covering the entire tab in this tutorial.

Slide transitions are motion effects that occur in Slide Show view when you move from one slide to the next during a presentation. You can control the speed, add sound, and even customize the properties of transition effects. Transitions are optional and if you will not use them your presentation will move from slide to slide with a click of the left mouse button, by pressing Enter or the right arrow key on keyboard.

You must set slide transitions if you want the presentation to play on its own.

Let's review sections of Transition tab first.

PowerPoint 2010 Transitions Tab

Section 1 - Preview. You can see what you created so far, your transition in action.

Section 2 - Most commonly used transitions appear here. To see more transition options, click the down arrow on the right of this section.

PowerPoint 2010 Effect Options

Section 3 - Options. Every transition has certain ways of working. Options can be different for different transitions. For example: If you are using WIPE transition your available options will be: from left, right, top, bottom etc. Some transitions don't have any options.

Section 4 - Timing. In the Sound field use the drop-down menu to select a sound to play during a slide transition, if desired. In the Duration field, enter the time needed for transition. You can also set when to advance to the next slide - on mouse click, after certain time or both (whichever happen first). Use the up and down arrow keys in the blank box to specify the number of seconds before the transition takes place.

PowerPoint 2010 Timing section of the transitions tab

By clicking Apply To All you can set current transition to be transition between all slides of your presentation.

We are ready to start!

To add a transition to a slide, let's select slide 2 from left bar:

PowerPoint 2010 Adding a Transition

By clicking little arrow in bottom right corner in TRANSITION TO THIS SLIDE area open gallery of available transitions.

PowerPoint 2010 Transition to this slide

Click on transition you would like to apply. We choose DISSOLVE.

PowerPoint 2010 Dissolve transition option
PowerPoint 2010 Transition Symbol

As soon as we choose transition little star appears right under slide number in left hand slide preview column.

PowerPoint 2010 Preview

We are ready to preview our transition by clicking PREVIEW button on left side of ribbon.

Now add some options (if available), sound and timing.

Enjoy! Try different transitions and options. Which one is your favorite?

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That concludes the Transitions tutorial.
Click next to learn about the PowerPoint 2010 Animations tab.