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Question about wifi access on Windows 7 ????


Hope you can help me out!!

I live in a Senior building which provides free Wifi to the residents on a public network that uses no access code. I have also purchased a new Sony Vaio laptop (Model VPCEL24FX) that runs Windows 7 and have AVG as my antivirus program. So far so good....except that I'm not able to access the free wifi no matter what I do, and I have done plenty trying to tweak all of the settings available to me (Windows, Vaio, AVG firelwalls, etc.)

In desperation I have just ordered online a Wireless Network Adapter. Is there anything I need to know or do prior to installing it when it arrives?? Incidentally the message I get from the wifi setting is either "Limited Access" or "Reset Network Adapter". Upon checking the adapter setting, it reads: Adapter is working properly) Since the adapter is built in, all I can do is "reboot" the power or plug and unplug the AC adapter. Please help me if you can, I would love to spend time downstairs in the patio and take my laptop along for entertainment and catching up on email. Thank you so much!!!!

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