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Finally Video Tutorials you can afford

The power of computers is becoming a critical factor for success in our fast-paced world. Along with computers, businesses need the ability and the personnel capable of tapping this power. We at Computer Tutorials offer a wide range of tutorials to help you get the most of your PC. We offer them one at a time for a reasonable price or you can buy the entire series at a discount. We are continually adding tutorials to help with your business and personal computer needs.

Computer Tutorials is now going to start offering free videos through YouTube. We will be posting new train videos periodically for you to view for free. Training via CD/DVD will still be available for purchase including the support. Follow the links below to start your free video training.

Beginner Word 2007 Video Tutorials
  • Introduction to Word 2007 Lesson 1.1 - Examining the working screen.
  • Word 2007 Lesson 1.2 - Understanding ribbon tabs and navigating documents.
  • Word 2007 Lesson 1.3 - Entering Text and Saving Files.
  • Word 2007 Lesson 2 - Selecting and replacing text, using the clipboard, drag and drop feature, and checking spelling and grammar.
  • Word 2007 Lesson 3 - Formatting text, working with fonts, adjusting point size, applying character effects, and aligning text.
  • Word 2007 Lesson 4 - Understanding non-printing characters, previewing documents, working with margins, adjusting print settings, and printing documents.
  • Word 2007 Lesson 5 - Working with folders, finding files, using multiple folder views.
  • Word 2007 Lesson 6 - Understanding wizards and templates, replacing fields in templates, creating a template from a document.
  • Word 2007 Lesson 7 - Applying boarders and shading, bullets and numbering, indenting paragraphs, format painter, modifying graphics.
  • Word 2007 Lesson 8 - Using the help and appendex features
Beginner Excel 2007 Video Tutorials
  • Excel 2007 Lesson 1 - Getting Started with the working screen, ribbon tabs, entering text, and saving a workbook.
  • Excel 2007 Lesson 2 - Working with columns and rows, understanding formulas and functions.
  • Excel 2007 Lesson 3 - Clipboard, cutting, copying, pasting, moing cells, and using fills.
  • Excel 2007 Lesson 4 - Understanding cell references, using relative references, using absolute references, and more functions.
  • Excel 2007 Lesson 5 - Adjusting and aligning rows and columns, formatting numbers, applying boarders and shading.

All of our tutorials are project based and will come with a video tutorial, a hands on project related to the program you would like to learn, and 30 days of free email support to answer any questions you may have about the tutorial. They will all come to you on a CD or DVD (Depending on the size of the file) All discs will be mailed out the next business day after placing your order

Individual Video Tutorials
Word 2007
Beginner Word 2007 Video Tutorial Lesson 1 - Learn the very basics with this 18 minute video. It will cover The working screen, ribbon tabs, navigating documents, entering text, and saving a file. $8.00
Beginner Word 2007 Video Tutorial Lesson 2 - Learn to select and replace text, use the clipboard, drag and drop feature, the find and replace features, and the spelling and grammar check with this easy to follow video tutorial. $10.00
Beginner Word 2007 Video Tutorial Lesson 3 - Learn about fonts, adjusting point size, applying character effect, and aligning text in your documents with this easy to follow video tutorial $9.00
Beginner Word 2007 Video Tutorial Lesson 4 - Learn about non-printing characters, previewing documents, margins and alignment, adjusting print settings, and printing documents. $9.00
Beginner Word 2007 Video Tutorial Lesson 5 - Learn about creating folders, saving and moving files within folders, finding files, and multiple folder views $8.00
Excel 2007
Beginner Excel 2007 Lesson 1 - Learn the very basics of Excel 2007 with this 15 minute video. It will cover the working screen, ribbon tabs, entering text into cells, and saving a workbook. $8.00
Beginner Excel 2007 Lesson 2 - Learn to enter text and formulas into Excel 2007 with this 25 minute video tutorial. Learn to edit data already entered into an Excel spreadsheet, work with columns and rows, and enter formulas and functions. $10.00
Beginner Excel 2007 Lesson 3 - Learn about Moving and Copying data with this easy follow video tutorial. This tutorial includes using the clipboard, copy, cut and pasting features, moving cells and using fills in Excel 2007. $10.00
Beginner Excel 2007 Lesson 4 - Learn about cell references, using relative and absolute references, and more basic functions in Excel. $10.00
How to build a Web Page Basics
Getting Started Lesson 1 - Download free software, learn to insert and format the text, insert graphics and program inbound and outbound links. $12.00
Organizing a Web Page Lesson 2 - Learn to insert forms, and lists, and build tables to create a more organized more eye appealing site. $12.00
Finalizing your site Lesson 3 - Put the final touches on our website by inserting flash video, and publishing your newly build web page to the World Wide Web. $12.00

Video Tutorial Packages - The above Tutorials combined at a discount

Beginner Word 2007 Tutorials - This tutorial starts with a basic over view of the working screen in Word 2007, covers editing functions formatting text, formatting techniques, working with files and folders, using wizards and templates, printing documents, and how to use the help Appendix feature.

$88.00 $68.00

Beginner Excel 2007 Tutorials - This video tutorial will cover the basics of Excel 2007. We will review the working screen where you create your spreadsheets, go over entering and editing text, moving and copying data explore formula construction, formatting worksheet appearance, working with charts, printing spreadsheets, and using the help appendix feature.
$88.00 $68.00

Building a web Page - Learn to build a web site from start to finish including the free HTML software download, the basic HTML code, and publishing your site to the World Wide Web.
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