Windows 8 Pinning
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Windows 8 Pinning

Pinning and moving commonly used programs to make them easier to find

In Windows 8 there is a new feature called pinning. Pinning is used to place frequently used programs or file either on your task bar or on your start menu. In Windows 8 has also drastically changed the start menu to have tiles instead of a list of programs like they did in the past.

Start by clicking on your start menu icon in the lower left corner of your screen. When the tiled start menu comes up you will see the default programs pinned. Now click on the down arrow to see the remaining programs installed on your computer so you can choose what program you would like to pin to the start menu.

Windows 8 Pin to StartWhen you have chosen the program you would like to pin to your start menu right click the mouse button on the program icon. The drop down menu will appear. Select Pin to start from this menu.

Once you click the button it will take you to the main start menu to the location of your newly pinned program.

If you would like to change the size of the pinned icon right click on the icon to open the menu and select resize. There are two options that will open in the resize menu select medium or large and the size of the icon will change.

Right click on the program again from either the newly pinned icon or in the list and you will see the option to Pin to taskbar. The task bar in the section of your screen at the bottom (or some have it on the side) of your computer screen with the icons of the start menu icon, programs you have open, and the date & time.

After right clicking on the program icon and getting the option menu click pin to taskbar. It won't look like anything happened after clicking, but if you click on your desktop icon you will notice that the program you pinned is now an icon in your task bar. The program will only be the icon until it iAnother useful feature in the Start window is grouping pinned programs. Go back to the start window. Right click anywhere on the window that is not on a program. s opened then it will change to having a square around it so you know what is pinned to your taskbar and what is not.

Windows 8 UnpinTo unpin a program it works the same way. Right click on the program icon in either the task bar or in the start window. When the option menu comes up click on unpin this program. It will removed the pinned program.

Another useful feature in the Start window is grouping pinned programs. Go back to the start window. Right click anywhere on the window that is not on a program.


Windows 8 Pinning Name GroupsYou will see the Name groups option come up. Click on Name groups. This will change the start window so it has a text box at the top of each section of pinned icons. You can click in the text box and type a name for the grouped programs.

To move an icon click on it with the left mouse button, hold the button down and drag the icon to the location you wish to place it. By dragging the program icon you can create a new group or add the icon to an existing group.

That concludes the tutorial on the Windows 8 pinning feature.