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Windows 8

Most basic computer users only need to know a few things about their operating system. In this Tutorial we will cover the basics of Windows 8.

We will begin with the Start Menu. Then move on to Desktop and Personalization Settings - including the screen saver, display options, and mouse.

If you have used other versions of Windows in the past there is a huge change with Windows 8. The Start Menu is now a full screen, and Settings are different as well. It is a whole new look and feel to navigating this operating system.

Let's begin with your Start Menu and Desktop.

Start Menu

The Windows 8 start menu is where you will find and access all of your programs. Windows 8 default Start Menu will look like this.

Windows 8 Start Menu

This looks a lot different that Microsoft's original Start Menu design. These programs shown here are the most frequently used programs and can be modified to suit your needs. We will go over how to modify this in the Pinning tutorial.

If you mouse over the lower left of this window you will see a downward pointing arrow. Click on this arrow to see all of the programs installed on your computer.

Windows 8 Apps

To access all of the programs (Apps), scroll to the right using either the scroll bar at the bottom or simply place your mouse to the right of the screen and the window will move to the right.

Many of the new Windows 8 computers have touch screen capabilities. If your machine has touch screen you can slide your finger across the screen to move it as well.

The Search Bar in the upper right corner can be useful until you get used to where all of the programs are located. Type the name of the program in the search bar as you type programs that match the text will appear in the start window.

Next Tutorial: Windows 8 Desktop

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