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Windows XP Updates Tutorial

Updates in Windows XP are very important. The Windows updates help keep your computer safe from viruses and secure from hackers. In the Windows XP Updates Tutorial we will cover the security center and I will take you through how to keep your computer safe and secure.

Usually when you set up your computer you set it to automatically update. You can check your settings by clicking Start then clicking Settings if you are using the classic start menu and Control Panel. If you are using the XP start menu click Start the Control Panel. When the Control Panel opens click on Security Center

Security Center

When Windows security Center opens look to the right of the Fire Wall, Automatic Updates, and Virus Protection and make sure they all say ON.

To manage these settings click on the the Automatic Update link at the bottom of the Security Center window.

Automatic Updates Window

When the Automatic Updates Window opens make sure Automatic is selected. I would recommend leaving the day and time at the default settings. Even if you don't log onto your computer every day it will update when you do get on the computer.

If you choose to select any of the other settings you need to be diciplined and install the updates manually from the Microsoft Website.

You may have seen the Windows XP updates logo in the bottom right hand corner of your computer. It would look like this. Update Logo

This logo will appear when you have your setting set to automatic update. When you see the text appear telling you the updates are ready for you to install click on the shield icon. The Automatic Updates Window will appear.

Automatic Updates Window

Click on the Install button and you will see this dialog in the bottom right corner of your screen. Installing Updates

Once you have made your selection in the Automatic Updates Window Click OK to return to the Windows Security Center.

Next we will cover the Windows Firewall. A firewall restricts information that comes to your computer from other computers. You can think of a firewall as a barrier that checks information coming from the Internet or a network and then either turns it away or allows it to pass through to your computer, depending on your firewall settings.

In the Windows Security Center click on the Firewall Link at the bottom of the window under Manage Security Settings For:

Windows Firewall

When the Windows firewall window opens make sure ON is selected. I would not recommend checking do not allow exceptions because some of the antivitamin programs and printer update programs require access to the internet. Windows will give you the option to allow programs to access the internet so you can costomize it as you go. If you are interested in the programs that you are currently letting acess the internet click the Exceptions tab.

When you are finished click OK to return to the Windows Security Center.

The last topic I want to cover is a link under resources section of the Security Center. Click on the Check for the latest updates on windows updates.

When the website comes up click on the Express button. This will scan your computer to make sure you have the lateiner updates. The think I like about this is it will also check for Microsoft Office updates.

Follow the directions and install all of the recommended updates.

That wraps up the Windows XP Updates tutorial. Click the Next arrow to continue to the File structure tutorial, or click one of the links below to return home or to another tutorial.