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Word 2007 Captions

Word 2007 Captions

The Captions section in Word 2007 References tab can be used for Holiday letters to put a caption with pictures or to label tables and objects you insert into your word documents. The first button is Insert Caption.

Word 2007 Caption window

To insert a caption on a picture or object then click the Insert Caption button. The Caption window will appear In this window enter the caption you would like to appear under your picture or object in the Caption section. This window also gives you more options to format your caption. In the label dropdown menu you can choose from Equation, Figure, or Table. The position dropdown menu gives you option of above or below the selected item. You can exclude the L label from your caption by checking the box.

Word 2007 Caption New Label

You are also able to create your own labels for your captions. Click on the New Label button. This brings up the New Label window. Type the label you would like to add to the Label dropdown menu and click OK.

Word 2007 caption numbering

You are also able to edit the style of numbers that will appear in your captions. Click the Numbering button. In the Caption Numbering window you can use the drop down arrow next to format to choose your number style. You can check the Inculde chapter number to set up numbering by chapter. In order for chapters to work you need to create a multi level list from the Home Tab and link your list items to headings in your document. Once you have made your selections click OK. This will return you to the Caption Window.

Word 2007 auto caption

Click the OK button in the Caption window and this will place a text box under the image you want the caption to be placed.

The next button in the caption window we are going to cover is AutoCaption. Click the AutoCaption button in the Caption window. The AutoCaption window will open. Auto caption is used to insert a caption automatically when you insert the selected objects. Go through the list of inserts and place a check mark in the box next to what you would like a caption associated with. Then choose the type of label you would like or Click the New Label button and create your own. Then choose what position you would like the caption to be placed in. Click OK. This will return you to your document. Now every time you insert the type of object you select in the AutoCaption window into your document Word 2007 will automatically place a caption with the object.

Word 2007 Table of figures

The Insert Table of Figures button will place a list of all the images you have a caption under in a table in your documents so you can reference each one with a page number.

Click the Insert Table of Figures button and the Table of Figures window will come up. In this window you will see to the left a Print Preview pane. This will show you what your table of figures will look like once you have created it. Next is a web Preview pane. In this section of the window you can choose to check the Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers. What this will do is change each line into a link that when clicked on will take you directly to that figure.

If you choose to use page numbers check the Show page numbers box and select how you would like the page numbers aligned, and the type of leader you would like displayed.

In the General section of the Table of Figures window click the down arrow next to formats and choose how you would like the text to appear in the Table of Figures. Then select the caption you would like to use, and check or uncheck the box to include or exclude the label and number.

Word 2007 table of figures options

Now click on the Options button. The Table of Figures Options window will open. If you have used styles in your captions you can use the same style for your table of Figures by selecting the style in this window. This window lets you choose how your table of figures will be displayed. Once you are finished click OK and you will be returned to the Table of Figures Window.

Word 2007 style

Now that you have returned to the Table of figures window click on the Modify button. This button brings up the Style window. Now click the Modify button again this will bring up the modify style window. In this window you can select and edit the font and format of your table of figures,

Click the OK button when you are finished, click OK in the Style window and you will return to the Table of figures window where you can finish your modifications and click OK to exit and apply all of the changes to your document.

If you add to your document after creating the Table of Figures click Update Table and the page numbers will be updated. You can refer to tables, figures, or headings by adding a cross-reference. If you use the Cross-reference button all cross-references will be automatically updated when pages numbers change. By default all cross-references are a hyperlink in the document.

That concludes the tutorial on the Captions section of the References tab in Word 2007 Click the next arrow and we will move onto the Index section.