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Word 2007 Changes

Word 2007 Changes

This section is Word 2007 Changes. The buttons in this section let you browse through the changes you tracked in the document and accept or reject each change.

Word 2007 Accept Changes

Click the drop down arrow on the changes button. The first option is Accept and Move to Next. This option will highlight the first tracked change you made to your document and change the text back to the default text settings so you will no longer see editing marks. Next is the Accept Change. To use this option highlight the change and select this option to change the text back to normal. The Accept All Changes Shown Option will be grayed out unless you go back to the Tracking section and change your selections in the Show Markup drop down menu. This will change what tracked changes are shown in the document and the Accept All Changes Shown selection will become available. The last option is Accept All Changes in the Document. If you have review all of the changes tracked and agree with them this is an easy way to accept all.

Word 2007 Reject Changes

The Reject button works the same way you either reject all of the changes, select the changes you want shown in using the Show Markup selection in the Tracking section, or go through one at a time.

The Previous and Next buttons are how you move from one change to another without accepting or rejecting the change.

Click the next button to continue to the Compare tutorial.