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Word 2007 Compare

Word 2007 Compare

The Compare button lets you compare the original document with the revised copy. The Compare option shows only the revisions and does not make any changes to the original document. It shows all changes in a third document.

If you send a document for review to several reviewers, and each reviewer returns the document, you can combine the documents two at a time until all the reviewer changes have been incorporated into a single document by clicking the Compare button then Combine. This will open another window select the 2 documents you want to combine and click OK.

Word 2007 Compare Drop Down Menu

Click the down arrow on the Compare button and select the compare option. The Compare Documents Window will open. Originally it will be smaller than the window shown below. Click the More button to make it appear like the example.

Word 2007 Compare Window

In the Compare Documents window you will see an option box to select your original document you would like to compare. Clicking the down arrow in the option box will allow you to select from a few documents if your document does not appear in the drop down list click the folder next to the option box. This will open windows explorer and you can browse to the folder your document is stored in. Double click the file to place it in the Original document box. Use the same method to select the Revised document. If someone has associated a name with their revisions you will see the name in Label changes with box.

From here you can either accept the default comparison settings by clicking OK or check and uncheck the options you would like to compare. These options will only be displayed if you have clicked the More button. Once you have made your selections click OK. If you have selected New document in the Show changes in section a new document will be created with a combination

When you click OK you will get a screen like this.

Word 2007 Compare Results

The column on the left shows the summary of the revisions made to the original document. In this column you can click on each note and it will bring you to that section of the document. Decide if you would like to keep the change and click Accept or Reject from the changes section of the review tab.

The middle section is the new document you are creating after merging and comparing two documents. Using the scroll bar on any section of this window will move all of the columns so you will be in the same place for easy comparison.

The far right column is split into two sections the top section is the Original document and the bottom is the revised document. Moving any of the scroll bars in these sections will move all sections simultaneously.

Once you are finished comparing the document and rejecting or accepting changes you can save the document using the save button in the office icon menu.

Word 2007 Show Source docuemtns

With the Show Source Documents you have the option of viewing original document, the revised document or both. Play with these options to see how it changes the way you view the comparison screen.

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