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Word 2007 Editing

Word 2007 Editing

Last but not least is the Word 2007 Editing section. These features are great for large documents. If you need to look for a specific word or section of your document click on the find button

Find and Replace

When the Find and Replace window opens type the word you are looking for and the Find Next button will no longer be grayed out. Click on Find Next and it will bring you to the word in your document you typed in the Find what text box.

Now click on the Replace the button in the Editing section.


The same Find and Replace window pops up except the Replace tab is selected. This feature is useful if you have dates or names in a form letter you need to change. Type the word you would like to change in the Find what text box and Type the word you would like to change it to in the Replace with text box.

The Replace, Replace All and the Find Next buttons will no longer be grayed out. If you would like to replace the words one at a time click Find Next and if it is a word you want replaced click Replace and continue that way through the document.

If you know you want every word replaced click Replace All and each word in the document will be replace.

We are finished with the Home tab. I hope you learned all you wanted to learn and that the tutorial was easy to follow. If you are ready to move on Click the Next arrow and we will move onto the Insert tab.