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Word 2007 Font

The Word 2007 Font section in the Home tab gives you features to change the font face, size, color, and style.

Word 2007 Font section

If you are creating the greeting card we already started open it now and highlight “Happy Birthday” by clicking and holding the left mouse button in front of the text and dragging it to the end and let go.

Now click the drop down arrow next to Time New Roman to change the text to a different style.

Word 2007 Text Styles

You can scroll through the different fonts by clicking the down arrow in the bottom right corner. When you see a font you like click on it and your text will change. I choose Goudy stout.

Now we are going to change the size of our text. Highlight your text and click the dropdown arrow next to the number 12.

Word 2007 Font Size Click on the font size 20. You can also click on the large A with the up arrow next to it and increase the font one size at a time. The smaller A with the down arrow next to it will decrease the font one size at a time. This feature is useful if you are not sure how large or small you want your text to be or you don’t know how large you can make text and still fit in the area you want.

Now I want everyone to hold down the ctrl key and press s. This will save the document. It is a good habit to get into. Use this often. There is nothing worse than loosing a document you worked so hard on. It happens more often than not. I just spent over 2 hours on the phone with my mother-in-law trying to get a document back because she went to unplug a space heater and accidently unplugged the computer. It happens I can’t stress enough use ctrl and the s key often!!

Ok I am finished preaching. Moving on to the next button, the button with the Aa and an eraser. This button will undo all of the editing you have done on text and return it to the Times New Roman font and a font size of 12.

These 7 buttons are very useful and you will use them often. Try these buttons on your Happy Birthday text just to see what happens and if you like any of them you can keep them. Or when you are finished you can always click the button again to undo it.

1. Starting with the Bold button, it will make selected text bold. The keyboard command for this is hold down the ctl button and press B.

2. The button is italicize. Be careful with this one, with some fonts the italicize button makes it hard to read. The keyboard command for italicize is hold down the ctl button and press I.

3. The Underlineis the underline button. It can be used in 2 ways. If you just click the button or press ctrl U you will get a simple one line underline. Now click on the drop down arrow next to U. This will give you several options to choose from to get a fancier line.

4. The button is used to strike through text. This can be very useful when you are editing a document and don’t want to loose your original thought.

5. and Superscriptare subscript and superscript. These are used for fractions I use these frequently when making recipe cards. The subscript and superscript will sometimes automatically change numbers into fractions while you are typing.

6. The last button is the Change CaseThis button will let you change the case of your text. Highlight your Happy Birthday text and click the Aa button. You are able to select Sentence case, lowercase, UPPERCASE, Capitalize each word, or tOGGLE cASE. Click on UPPERCASE. I have found this tool very useful when I have accidently hit the caps lock key and didn’t realize it until I already had a sentence or two typed. Use this tool then you don’t have to retype!

Now we will finish the Font section with the last two buttons; highlight and font color Highlight & ColorThese button’s names speak for themselves. When you click the HighlightButton you will get a selection of colors to choose from. Select your color and you will get a cursor that looks like a highlighter marker. Click the left mouse button and drag it over the text you would like to highlight. It works just like a regular highlighter.

The Font ColorButton allows you to change the color of your text. Select the Happy Birthday Text and click on the Font ColorButton. You will get a dropdown menu of colors with an option at the bottom More colors. If you select More colors you will get to create your own color using this window.

Color Selection

To create your own click in the color box close to the color you would like and then drag the right arrow next to the color line up or down to change the shade. Your new color will appear in the bottom right corner. Once you have selected your color for your text click the next button to continue to the Paragraph section of the Home tab.