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Word 2007 Footnotes

Word 2007 Footnotes In this tutorial you will learn to use the Word 2007 Footnotes section of the References tab. A footnote is used to comment on or provide a reference for text in a document. A footnote will create two parts in your Word 2007 document; a note reference mark next to the sentence or line you are referencing and the footnote text at the bottom of the page. To add a footnote to your document select the location you want your reference mark to appear then click the Insert Footnote button. This will bring you to the bottom of the page when you can type your comments. The Insert Footnote button will not only add the foot not but also renumber them as you move text around. Footnotes are usually for detailed comments and endnotes are used for citations.

To insert an Endnote click in the location you want the reference mark then click on Insert Endnote and it will be placed at the bottom of your document and allow you to type your endnote.

To scroll between all of your footnotes and endnotes click the Next Footnote button. This button gives you the options to go to the next or previous endnote and footnotes. Show Notes scrolls through the document to show you where all of your footnotes and endnotes are located. The show notes button will be grayed out until you have footnotes inserted into your document.

Word 2007 footnote and endnote window

Now click the little icon in the lower right hand corner of the Footnotes section and a window titled Footnote and Endnote will open. This window will give you all of your options to make modifications to your endnotes and footnotes.

If you have inserted Footnotes the Endnotes selection will be grayed out and visa a versa. The first section of the Footnote and Endnote window is Location. In the location section you can choose where you would like your footnote or endnote to appear either at the bottom of the page, document or section. The convert button will convert endnotes to footnotes and footnotes to endnotes.

The Format section is where you choose how your footnotes and endnotes are labeled. Click the down arrow next to number format to see your choices and make a selection. You can also customize the mark by choosing a symbol. Click the Symbol button and you will get a new window with symbol choices. You can start at any number for your footnotes and endnotes. Use the up and down arrows to choose where you would like to start. The numbers can be Continous, restarted at the beginning of each section, or restarted at the beginning of each page. The changes in this window can be applied to the whole document or just a section if you have your document divided into sections.

That is the end of the Footnotes section of the References tab of Word 2007. Click the next arrow to move onto Citations & Bibliography. If you have any questions email me.