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Word 2007 Illustrations

Insert Illustrations

This tutorial covers the Word 2007 Illustrations section of the insert tab. Illustrations are where you can add pictures and drawings of all types and styles to your document.

The first button in Illustrations is Insert a picture from a file. When you click on the Picture button a window will open for you to browse to a photograph or other picture you have saved on your computer. I have used this feature to create birthday invitations for my kids with their most recent photograph in the background. You can have a lot of fun incorporating personal photos into your documents.

When you insert a picture into your document notice the format tab that appears at the end of the tabs.

Word 2007 Picture Tools Format Tab

The format tab will let you alter your picture you placed in the document. Play with some of these options and if you have any question please email me.

Now open your Birthday card we started and click on the next button Clip Art.

Insert Clip Art

After clicking on the Clip Art Button notice the clip art menu that appears in the right column of your Word document. At the top of the Clip Art menu in the Search for: text box type birthday and click go. You could also type balloons or birthday cake. When you click go it will find clip art pictures to match your key word.

Scroll through the pictures until you find one you like. When you have chosen a picture click on it and it will be inserted into your document. Then Click on the bottom right corner of the picture and dragged the picture so it enlarges. Make sure the picture does not go past the 4" marker on the top and does not go below the 5" marker on the left side ruler. Your picture should look something like this.

Insert Clip Art

The card we are creating is going to be a quarter fold so we will need to rotate the picture. To do this click on the top center green dot above your picture. You will see an arrow going in a circle. Hold down the mouse and drag the picture around until it is upside down.

Now that your picture is rotated lets put a boarder around it. Under Picture Tools and the Format Tab click on Picture Boarder then Weight then More Lines.

Insert Picture Board

The Format Picture Window will come up. When the window appears Change the width to 6 pt. Then click the drop down arrow next to Compound type: and select a line style you like.

Then in the left column in the Format Picture Window click Line Color Click the drop down arrow under the color selections and choose a color you want to boarder the Clip Art Picture you choose. Click Close so the changes take effect.

Format Picture
Word 2007 Shapes button

The next button is Shapes. If you click the drop down arrow on shapes you will see a long list of shapes you can insert into your Word 2007 document. To insert a shape simply click shapethe shape you would like to place in your document then click the location of your document you would like the shape to appear. You are also able to select the shape you want then click and drag your mouse to change the size of the shape you are inserting.

The New Drawing Canvas option in Shapes will place a dotted lined area in your document you are then able to place multiple shapes in the canvas and you can move several shapes at once.

The next button is SmartArt. This is a unique tool. SmartArt will automatically design graphically designed lists, hierarchy charts, pyramids and more.

Click on the Smart button and the SmartArt button and the Choose a SmartArt Graphic window opens

Word 2007 SmartArt Graphic Window

In this window you can browse through all of the SmartArt options sort them by clicking on the options to the left then select one from the list section. Once you have made your selection click the OK button and your SmartArt will be placed in your document. Once the object is in your document you can insert text in each section and move the pieces to suite your needs.

Word 2007 Insert Chart window

Next is the Chart button. . Click the Chart button and the Insert Chart window will open. You can sort the types of charts by selecting the style of chart you would like to create from the left column. This will automatically take you to that selection in the right hand side of the window. Click on the chart that best fits your needs and click OK. It will automatically open an Excel spread sheet for you to enter your data to create your chart.

That is the last button in the Illustrations section of the Insert tab. Click the next arrow to move onto Links.