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Word 2007 Index

Word 2007 Index

The next section is word 2007 Index. Creating and updating an index in your document has been made very simple. To create an Index click the Insert Index button. This brings up the index window.

Word 2007 Index Window

In this window you can make your selections to format your index. The Print Preview will show you how the selections you make will appear in your document. Type can be either indented which is shown in the example or Run-in will make the index entries in a line separated with a semicolon. Columns is the number of columns you want your index to appear in. If you would like the numbers aligned on the right hand side of the page check the Right align page number box this will make the Tab leader selections available. The Tab leaders can be selected by using the down arrow. Now click the down arrow in the Formats. Formats are a selction of styles for your text. Play with them to see how they affect the Print Preview. Click the Ok button and This will automatically create the index.

Word 2007 Mark Index Entry Window

As you go through your document highlight words you want included in the Index and click Mark Entry. The Mark Entry button will open the Mark Index Entry window. In this window the text that you highlighted before clicking the button will be in the Main Entry field. If you would like a subentry to this Index entry type it in the next box. In the Options section of this window you can have a cross reference entered in the index by selecting that button and then typing what you would like to cross reference in the text box. Current page will put the page number of your main entry in the index. If you would like multiple pages you can select page range and book mark the section of your document. Page number format section allows you to select if you would like your page numbers Bold, Italic or Both. The Mark Index Entry window will stay open until you click the X to close the window. This allows you to mark multiple entries in your document and saves you a few steps to do it. When you are finished with each entry click the Mark button. When you are finished click the close button or the red X to return to your document. Now that you have created an Index and marked entries click anywhere in your index and notice that the Update Index is now available. Click the Update Index button and you will see all of the entries that you marked appear in your Index.

That concludes the Index tutorial. Click the next button to move onto the Table of authorities tutorial or select another tutorial below.