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Word 2007 Insert Tab

In the Word 2007 Insert tab tutorials we will go step by step through each section of the Insert tab just like we did on the Home Tab. We will continue to work on the greeting card we started. along with other documents in order to give you a complete understanding of all of the functions in the Insert tab. To move forward to the next section click one of the links at the top of the page otherwise you can follow each tutorial in order by clicking the next button at the end of each section.

The insert tab's name fits its function well. Anything you think you might want to add to a word document you use the insert tab to insert the extra features into your document.

We will work our way through from left to right.

Insert Pages On the far left the first section is Pages. The three categories you can insert for pages are; Cover Page, Blank Page, and Page Break. These three features are useful if you are creating a professional or long document.

Click on the down arrow next to cover page.

Insert Cover Page

Notice how you get a selection of already designed cover pages you could use for a business report or other professional looking document. This can be a huge time saver. Click on the design you want and Microsoft Word 2007 will design your cover page. And all you need to do is highlight the text and type your changes.

If you have inserted a cover page and no longer want a cover page in your document click the down arrow on Cover Page and select Remove Current Cover Page. This will remove the text you typed in the cover page so make sure you want to remove it.

Word 2007 Create New Building Block

The last selection in Cover Pages is Save Selection to Cover Page Gallery. If you would like to design your own cover page to be used on documents at a later date you can design your cover page, then select everything you created then clik Save Selection to Cover page Gallery.

This will open The Create new building block window. In this window you will type the name of the cover page you created, make sure the Gallery says cover Pages, keep the category general, if you would like to give the cover page a description you can it is optional. Then click OK and you will see the page you designed in the list of pages when you click the down arrow on Cover page.

Moving onto the Blank Page. When you are typing a long document as you type a new page will automatically start as you are typing. The Blank Page button allows you to insert a blank page anywhere in your document manually.

Page Break button will force a page break anywhere you select. You will see this Page Break in your document if you click the page break button. To delete a page break place your cursor behind the Page Break and press the Backspace button.

That wraps up the Pages section of the insert tab. Click the Next arrow to move on to Tables.