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Word 2007 Links

Insert Links

The Word 2007 links section of the Insert tab is great if you are writing a document that readers will be reading on the computer. These three buttons create links in your document that a reader can click on to jump to a website, booked marked section of your document, an email address, or another program.

The first button in the Links section is Hyperlink. Click the Hyperlink button and the Insert Hyper Link window will open.

Word 2007 Insert Hyperlink

In the left hand section select what you want to link to. Then type what you want to text to say for the reader to click on to access the link. If you are linking to a web page type the web address in the Address section toward the bottom of the window Then click OK. If you selected a file you can browse through your files by selecting the far right button with the folder and the curved arrow and another window will open for you to browse for the file you would like to link to then click OK. The Text you entered will be displayed in blue font. When you place your mouse cursor over the link it will ask you to press the ctl. Key on your keyboard to follow the link. When you press the ctl. Key the mouse cursor will change to a hand and your reader will be able to click the mouse button while pressing the ctl key and open the link in your document.

The link to Place in This Document selection will give you different options than are shown in the screen shot above.

Word 2007 Link to a place in this document

You are able to select from Top of the Document, Headings, or Bookmarks. You can find more information about Headings In the References Tutorial.

Word 2007 Link to a new document

The Create New Document Hyperlink selection will allow you to link to another Word 2007 document that has yet been created.

Type the name of the document you would like to create and link to in the Name of new Document: section. This will automatically place the same name in Text to display box.

Below is the Full path name of where your new document will be saved. If you would like to change the location the document is going to be saved in click the ChangeĀ… button. This will open a browser window for you to browse to the new location and click OK when you have found the location you would like and the Full path name will change in the Insert Hyperlink window. You also have the option to edit the new document now or later. Click OK when you are finished. If you chose to edit the new document now it will open a new Word 2007 window with a blank document. Otherwise you will be returned to the current document with the inserted hyperlink.

Word 2007 Link to Email

The last option is an E-mail Address hyperlink. This option works just like the other hyperlink options. Type the email address you would like to use. Microsoft Word 2007 will automatically put mailto: in front of the email address to create the link. It will also automatically place text in the Text to display. You can change this text to whatever you would like it to say in your document. The Subject is what will be in the subject line of the email. Click OK to insert the email hyperlink. When the email address hyperlink is clicked the reader's default email program will be opened to create a new email.

Word 2007 Hyperlink Screen Tip

The last thing about hyperlinks is the ScreenTip option in the upper right corner of every option. Click on the ScreenTip button and it will open the Set Hyperlink Screen Tip window. In this window you can type a message to your readers that they will see, in addition to the directions to press the ctl. key to click the link, when they place their mouse over the hyperlink you created.

Word 2007 Bookmark button

Now lets' move on to the Bookmark button. A bookmark is used to create a name for a specific section of your document.

To use the Bookmark button place your mouse cursor in the spot on your document you would like to bookmark and click the Bookmark button and it will open the Bookmark window. In this window you type the name of your book mark in the top text box and click the Add button. This will add your book mark to the list.

If you have several bookmarks in a document they will all be listed. You can click on one of the bookmarks in the list and click the Go To button and you will be brought to that specific section of your document. To delete a bookmark select the bookmark you want to have removed and click the Delete button. This will remove the bookmark from the list. When you are finished click Cancel or the X in the upper corner of the window.

Word 2007 Cross reference

The last button we will cover in the Links section of the Insert tab is the Cross-reference button. A cross-reference is used to reference headings, figures, or tables in your Word documents. This button allows you to refer to these things and have your reference number be updated as you type and make changes to your document.

Click on the Cross-reference button and the Cross-reference window will open. In the Reference type click the down arrow to select what you are going to be referencing. Once you have made your selection you will only see items in that category in the lower box. Next select how you would like to show the reference with the down arrow under Insert Reference to: If you keep the Insert as hyperlink checked all the reader will need to do is click on the page number link and he/she will be taken to the inserted item. Click the Insert button when you are finished and the reference number will be inserted into your document.

That wraps up the Links section of the Insert tab. Click the next arrow to continue to the Header & Footer section.