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Word 2007 Mailings

The Word 2007 mailings section is one of my favorites. I use this all of the time to send holiday cards to my friends and family. In the Mailings tab you can create your list of contacts and print envelopes or letters automatically addressed to a whole list of people. What a time saver.

Let’s jump right in with the first section Create. The Envelopes button in the Create section will open another window where you can either create a single envelope or create a document for the envelope to do a mail merge which we will cover in a minute. Click the Envelopes button.

Word 2007 Evelopes and Labels window

When the envelopes and labels window opens notice you have a place to enter your delivery address and Return address. To create a single envelope type the address you would like for the recipient and your return address and click the Print button. Make sure you have your envelope loaded in your printer before you click print. This will default to a #10 envelope and send the envelope to your printer without giving you any other options.

Notice above the Delivery address text box you will see a little icon of a book. If you click this icon it will open your outlook contacts and you are able to select one and it will automatically enter the selected person’s address in the Delivery Address box.

To add electronic postage to a printed envelope you need to subscribe to a postage service for a fee.

Open the envelopes and labels window again if it closed after printing your envelope. If you check the Omit check box this will omit the return address from printing on your envelopes.

Click the Options button.

Word 2007 Envelope Options

The Envelope Options window will open. In this window you can choose your envelope size by clicking the drop down arrow under Envelope size and choosing from the list of selections.

In the Delivery Address section you can change the font of the delivery address by clicking on the button and making your changes to the font style and size in the window. The Return Address section works the same way.

In the Preview section you will see a picture of the envelope you selected with the changes you made.

Now click on the Printing Options Tab.

In the printing options you can choose how your envelope will be loaded into your printer and if you have more than one tray to load paper what tray your envelopes will be in.

Click OK if you made any changes otherwise click Cancel to return to the Envelopes and Labels window.

Once you have returned to the Envelopes and Labels window you can either select Print if you are only going to print one envelope and you have entered your information in the text boxes or you can click add to document. The Add to Document button will put the envelope in your current Word document.

If you choose to add the envelope to the document it will keep all of the formats and allow you to change the envelope style with the tools you already know how to use in the Home tab. You can change text color, add graphics, etc. This is what you will need to do to use the mail merge.

Word 2007 Labels

The next button in the Create section is Labels. By clicking on the Labels button it will open the same Envelopes and Labels windows that opened when you clicked on the Envelopes button. The only difference will be that the Labels tab will automatically be selected.

To create your label you can either create labels that are all the same by entering your information in the Address text box or you can create a new document with the new document button and make each label different. In the Print section you can select Full page of the same label if you have entered information in the Address section or print a single label with the information. If you choose to print a single label look at your page if labels and enter the row and column of the next available label. In the label section is where you can choose the type of label you are printing on. Click on the Label section.

Word 2007 Label Options

The Label Options Window will open. This is where you can select the vendor you purchased the label from, Avery is the most common, then select the product number that you will be able to find on the outside of the package you labels came in. The Label information section will confirm that you have made the right selection by giving you the dimensions of your labels. Once you have made your selections click the OK button to return to the Envelopes and Labels window.

Now that you have selected your label size either click print to print the label or click New Document to open a Word 2007 page with the label size selected.

That concludes the create section of the Mailings tab. Click the next button to continue to start mail merge.


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