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Word 2007 Page Setup

In the Word 2007 Page Setup section of the Page Layout tab we will make a change to our greeting card so hang in there with me. Click the dropdown arrow under margins. Then click Custom Margin.

Change Word 2007 Margins

When you are creating a greeting card you don’t want large margins. When you fold the greeting card you want a small margin so you don’t have a lot of white space around your graphics and text.

Word 2007 Page Setup

The Page Setup window opens when you click custom margins. This window give you several options to customize your page but we only want to reduce our margin. Change the top, bottom, right, and left margins to .25 Once you have done that click OK.

Page Orientation in Word 2007 The next button in the Page Setup section is Orientation. The Orientation button lets you choose which direction your document will print either Portrait or Landscape.

Change Page Size in Word 2007

Next is the Size button click the down arrow on the size button to see the menu. This menu lets you select the size of paper you will be printing your document on. Scroll through the options using the scroll bar on the right. If you would like to see more options click the More Pages Sizes and a window will open for you to choose a more custom option.

Insert columns in Word 2007The Columns button is great for news papers and news letters. This feature will break your document up into as many columns as you would like. You can make your selection either before or after typing your articles. More Columns give you not only the option of how many columns but the spacing and width of your columns can be adjusted by clicking on the more columns option. This will open the window for you to make adjustments to your columns.

Word 2007 Page Breaks

Click the down arrow on the Breaks button. Breaks gives you the option to format different sections of your document separately. You can insert page breaks or section breaks. If you would like one page with columns and another without this is the feature you would use by inserting a page break.

Insert Word 2007 Line Numbers

Next is Line numbers. If you are editing a long document and need to make references or corrections. This is a great feature. When you make a selection you will see a line number in the left hand margin of your document. You can see in the drop down menu you have several options for the formatting of your line numbers.

Word 2007 HyphenationThe last option is Hyphenation. When you select an option from the dropdown menu it will hyphenate words that are at the edge of your document. This can be very useful when typing newsletters in a column format.

That wraps up the section on Page Setup. Click the next arrow to continue on to Word 2007 Page Background or select one of the other tutorials below.