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Word 2007 Preview Results

The Word 2007 Preview Results section will replace the merge fields with your data from the recipient list. This is used to let you see how your data will appear in the actual document. The number with the arrows on either side in the Preview Results section of the Mailings tab will let you use the arrows to preview each record. By clicking the arrows you will be able to see each recipient in your list and make sure that names and addresses will fit in the area you provided.

Word 2007 Find Recipient

The Find Recipient button lets you search for text in your recipient list. This button will only be available if you have started a mail merge. Click on the button if it is available. The Find Entry window will come up and let you type in any text you want to find a recipient. The text can be part of a name, address, phone number, or what every information you have to find your contact.

Word 2007 Checking Errors

The Auto Check for Errors button will bring up the Checking and reporting Errors button. Select how you would like your error checking to be handled and click OK. Word 2007 will check your merge document for errors and tell you how to fix any errors that occurred.

Click the next arrow to complete the Mailing tab with the final section.