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Word 2007 Protect

The Word 2007 Protect Document button lets you assign a password so you will only allow certain types of editing or formatting changes to be made to the document.

Click the Protect Document button. You will see an options pane on the right side of your working screen. In this option pane you will make your selections to restrict editing of your document.

Word 2007 Restrictions Pane

Number 1 of the Restriction pane is formatting restrictions. Click the check box next to Limit formatting to a selection of styles. Now click Settings.

Word 2007 Formatting Restrictions

The Formatting Restrictions window will come up click the check box next to Limit formatting to a selection of styles, if it is not already checked. Everything in the Checked styles are currently allowed will be grayed out until this box is checked. Once you have checked the box use the scroll bar to the right of the style list to view all of the options. If there is a check mark next to the style setting anyone will be allowed to make that style change.

There are 3 buttons below the selection box that will make quick selections easy. The first button is All this will check all of the formatting options. The next button is Recommended Minimum, this button will check all of the formatting selections that are recommended by Microsoft and uncheck all the rest. Another user will have to enter a password to make any formatting changes not checked. The last button is None. This will uncheck all of the formatting options and will not allow another user to make any formatting changes to the document.

In the Formatting section there are 3 more options for formatting restrictions. The first one is Allow AutoFormat to override formatting restrictions. AutoFormat is a Word 2007 feature that will make formatting changes as you type such as changing a hyphen to a dash when a space is both before and after a hyphen. If this box is not checked the AutoFormat feature will be turned off unless the user enters the document password.

Checking the Block Theme or Scheme switching will require a password to use the Themes section of the Page Layout tab.

Bock Quick Styles Set switching will require a password to us the Styles section of the Home tab.

Word 2007 Editing Restrictions

The second option in the restriction pane is Editing restrictions. Check the Allow only this type of editing in the document then click the down arrow in the option box. This will give you a list of 4 options to allowed changes to be made in your document. Tracked changes will allow the user to make tracked changes to the document all other changes will require a password.

Comments will allow a user to add comments to a document but require a password for anything else.

Filling in forms will allow a user to enter text or make selections from drop down menus in an already created form but require a password to make changes to the form where a text box or drop down menu is not located.

No changes (Read only) means without entering a password a user is only allowed to read the document.

Word 2007 Add Users to restriction exceptions

The Groups section will let you make exceptions to the restrictions you set. To add people to the exceptions group click the More users link. This will open the Add users window. In this window you can type user names or email addresses if you are emailing the document. Any user in this list will be able to make changes to the document without restrictions. When you are finished click the OK button to return to your document.

The last step to finish protecting your document is number 3 Start enforcement. If you have put restrictions into place the Yes, Start Enforcing Protection button will no longer be grayed out. Click this button and the Start Enforcing Protection window will open.

Word 2007 Start Enforcing Protection Window

Enter your password two times and click ok. Your restrictions and document protection are now in place. Anytime someone not authorized to make changes to your document tries to make a restricted change a window will pop up asking for a password to continue.

That wraps up the Review tab. Click the next button to move onto the View tab in Word 2007 or choose another tutorial from the links below.