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Word 2007 References

Word 2007 references tab

The Word 2007 References tab is a feature I wish Microsoft had when I was in High School and College. These features would have been great for all those papers I had to write. I will go through each section of the References tab. You can select the section you would like to learn from the links at the top of this page or follow each one and click the next arrow at the bottom to move through them sequentially.

Word 2007 Table of ContentsWord 2007 Table of ContentsThe first section is Table of Contents. This is great for those long college reports.

p>Once your report is finished, you would click on the table of contents drop down arrow and select your style. This will create your table of contents page automatically. It may even go through your document and automatically add content. This is the easiest way to add a table of contents.

Word 2007 table of contents window

If you would like more options click the down arrow of the Table of contents and select Insert Table of Contents selection. This will open the Table of Contents window. The top 2 boxes will show you what your Contents page will look like when you click the OK button after making all of your selections. The check box next to Show page numbers gives you the option to show or hide page numbers. Right align page numbers places the page number at the far right hand side of the document. If you have this box checked it will let you select from a list of Tab leaders. The General section lets you select from a list of formats for the text of your Content page. Make you selection and see how it changes the text in the Print Preview box. Levels lets you select how many indentations your table of contents will have in the list.

Word 2007 table of contents options

The Options button will open a new Table of Contents Options window. In this window you have the option to select from more styles and enter the number or letter you would like to appear in the content list. Scroll through all of the options with the scroll bar on the right side. When you are finished with your selections click OK to return to the Table of Contents window.

Once all of your selections are made click the OK button in the Table of Contents window and you will be returned to your document with the table of contents inserted.

The next button is Add Text. To use this button go through your report and highlight Text you want to add to your table of contents and click Add Text then select the outline level you want the paragraph to be in your Table of Contents Page. This will place the text you selected as the description and automatically format the table of contents with the page number. If any additions or deletions are made to your report or when you add text and it does not appear right away all you need to do is click Update Table and the page numbers in your contents page will be updated.

That wraps up the Table of Contents section of the References tab click the next arrow to move onto Footnotes.


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