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Word 2007 Review Tab

In this tutorial we will be covering the Word 2007 Review tab. This tab is used for proof reading a document, adding comments, tracking changes made to a document and comparing documents.

Word 2007 ProofingThe first section is Proofing. Once you have completed a document this is where you want to be. Some people proof read a document as they go, but this section is always a good double check. I am sure you have noticed if you have typed a document of any length that if you misspell a word a red squiggly line appears underneath. If you did not fix the error click the Spelling and Grammar button. This button will open the Spelling and Grammar window.

Word Spelling and Grammar

In the Spelling and Grammar window if any errors were found, either grammar or spelling the will appear in the upper box with suggestions of the fix below. If you do not want to fix the error click Ignore. If you want to correct the error select one of the suggestions from the suggestions box and click the Change button. If there are no selections available or if you don’t want to use any of the suggestions but still want to make a change, change the error in the upper box and click the change button.

When you are finished making any changes a Window will appear that says Spelling and Grammar complete. This box will also appear if no errors were found.

The next button is Research. The Research button opens a pane that you can search through references materials such as dictionaries and encyclopedias. Click the Research button to play with the options a little.

Word 2007 Reasearch Button

Type in a word under Search for: Then you are able to choose what types of reference materials you want to search through. It is a great tool for school papers.

The Thesaurus is another great way to spice up a school paper. You can either highlight a word then click the thesaurus button or click the button and type your word in the search for text box. Then Microsoft Word 2007 will give you choices of other words for the word you selected.

The translate button will Translate selected text into another language. After selecting your text and clicking the translate button you will get a pane similar to the other buttons in this section so you can choose the language.

Word 2007 Word Count

The last button is the word count. That button is the button in the far right bottom corner of the Proofing section. If you click this button you will get a summary of the word count of your document.

If you check the box at the bottom it will include textboxes, footnotes and endnotes.

When you are finished click the close button to return to your Word 2007 document. That concludes the Proofing section of the review tab in Word 2007 click next to continue to the comments section or choose a different tutorial from the links below.


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