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Word 2007 Start Mail Merge

Now we will move on to my favorite section Word 2007 Start Mail Merge. In this section you will learn how to create envelopes, letters, or labels so you can create one list of contacts and print all of the envelopes for your contact list with a few simple steps.

Word 2007 Mail Merge Wizard

Click the Start Mail Merge button then select Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard. You will see a window pane appear on the right side of your document. This is a 6 step process.

First select what type of document you will be creating the mail merge in. I am going to select envelopes for this tutorial. You can select what ever option will best serve your needs. Once you have made a selection click Next: Starting document.

In the next screen select Change document layout and click Next: Select recipients.

If you are making envelopes the envelopes option window will open. Select the size of envelope you are printing on and click OK.

This will return you to the Mail Merge wizard with the page format changed to the size of the envelope.

Select recipients gives you three options:

  • Use an existing list which will let you select an excel spreadsheet or access database that you have already created to print your mail merge.
  • Select from Outlook Contacts which will let you open all contacts you have stored in Microsoft Outlook Contact List and select only the recipients you want to enter into your mail merge.
  • Type a new list will open a New Address List window for you to enter your contacts. Once you are finished entering your contact list it will give you the option to save the list. The file defaults to My Data Source file in My Documents. By saving the list you are able to use the same list for all of you mail merge projects over and over again. The list can be modified and you don’t have to use everyone in the list every time, you can pick and choose.

Once you have finished with your contact list click Next: Arrange your envelope.

Now place your cursor where you would like your address block to go. Then click Address Block

Word 2007 Insert Address Block

In the Insert Address Block window some of the fields in your recipient list may not all be matched up. If you don’t see all the recipients information in the Preview box click the Match fields button.

Word 2007 Match Fields

The Match Fields window will open. In the fields that say (not matched) click the drop down arrow as shown in the print screen and select the according field for that aspect of the address block.

If you are going to use this same list over again check the Remember this matching for this set of data sources on this computer. Then select OK to return to the Insert Address Block Window. Click OK again to continue with the Mail Merge wizard.

Click Next: Preview your envelope

This section of mail merge will let you click through each recipient you have selected to see how their information will appear on your envelope. You can also use the exclude this recipient button to filter your contacts as you click through.

Click Next: Complete the merge

Word 2007 Merge to Printer

In the final step click the Print link and you will get the Merge to Printer window where you can select to print all your envelopes at one time, just print the Current envelope or select a range to print. Once you have made your selection make sure your printer is ready and click OK.

The next buttons in the Start Mail Merge section will do the same thing we already covered in the Wizard. I would recommend using the mail merge wizard until you are completely comfortable with the mail merge process. Even with my computer background I still use the wizard.

That is it for Word 2007 start mail merge. Click the next arrow to learn about Word 2007 write & insert Fields