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Word 2007 Table of Authorities

Table of AuthoritiesThe final section of Word 2007 References tab is Table of Authorities. A table of authorities is a list of cases, statutes, and other authorities. This section works just like creating an index.

Click the Insert Table of Authorities button.

Table of Authorities Window

The Table of Authorities window comes up and gives you a Print Preview section for you to see how the Table of Authorities will be displayed in your document. For the Category section select what type of authority you will be using in your document. Use the check boxes next to Passim and Keep original formatting to select or deselect the options. When you are checking or unchecking the boxes notice how it affects the Print perview. The tab leader will only be available if you have the keep original formatting checked. Use the down arrows on Tab leader and formats to see your options.

Word 2007 Mark Citation

Once you are finished you can click the Mark Citation button to go through your document and select the text you want included in the table of authorities. When you are finished click the OK button to return to your document.

As you go through your document you can highlight additional authorities and click the Mark Citation button. This will put the selected text in the box and give you the options to choose the Category and enter a short or long citation.

The update button will automatically update all page numbers. Click inside the table of authorities that has been inserted into your document and the Update table button will become available.

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