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Word 2007 Tables

Word 2007 tables button in the Insert tab.

The tables tutorial is used to insert tables into your document. For a beginner computer user tables can be great for creating their own calendars, charts, or organizing information in a word document. Click on the down arrow in tables.

This will show you the options you have to create a customized table to insert into your Word document. The first option works by dragging the mouse over the number of rows and columns you would like in your table. I have selected a 3x3 table. Once you have selected the number of rows and columns you would like click the left mouse button and your table will be placed into your word document. You are then able to type your text into each cell of the table. If you decide that you need more cells in your table at a later time all you need to do to add a row of cells is place the cursor in the bottom right cell and press the tab key. This will add an entire row of cells. If you need a new column right click anywhere in the table and select insert. You will be given a list of options to select where you want the column inserted.

Word 2007 Insert table window

That is just one of the ways you can insert a table. Click the down arrow of the table button again and then select Insert Table. This will open the Insert Table window.

Type the number of columns and the number of rows you think you will need. Remember you will be able to change these later. The AutoFit behavior section is how you want it handled when the text you type is too long for the size of the cell. Fixed Column Width can either be set to automatically adjust of you can type of number for the width. AutoFit to contents will give you very small cells and they will adjust when you type your text. AutoFit window will set the cells evenly across your document page.

If you check the Remember dimensions for new tables box these selections will be the default every time you insert a table.

The next selection is Draw Table. Click on the Draw table option and you will be given a pencil cursor click and drag the cursor across the page and you can draw each individual cell and place it where you want. Cells can all be different lengths and widths.

Word 2007 Convert Text to Table window

Next is Convert Text to Table. To use this you need to have text already typed into a document. Highlight the text you would like to place into a table then click Convert Text to Table, the Convert Text to Table window opens. It looks a lot like the Insert Table window but there are a few more options to select from.

First select the number of Columns you would like. Then select how you would like the size of the cells to behave. Last but not least select how you would like the text you selected divided into the cells of the table. You can select from Paragraph, Tabs, Commas, or other. The other default selection is a - you can place any character in the box you want.

Click ok for the changes to take effect.

Next is the Excel Spreadsheet selection. If you like working with tables in Excel you can insert an Excel spreadsheet into your document and have all of the same functionality as Excel. As far as the formulas and formatting cells. Click the Excel Spreadsheet selection from the Table down arrow options.

Word 2007 Insert Excel spreadsheet table

This will insert an Excel spreadsheet into your Word 2007 document. You can use formulas and all of the functions you use in Excel. When you are finished editing your cells click anywhere outside the Excel table, your table will look like the word tables and all of the Excel cell references will go away. If you want to edit your table again double click on table and the Excel options will be available.

The last option in the Table button is Quick Tables. This is a list of default tables that have already been created. Click on the Quick Tables option to see the selections you can choose from.

Insert Table

Until you are very comfortable using table I would recommend using this feature. You can scroll through the pre-designed table and choose one. When you select a predesigned table Microsoft Word 2007 will automatically create your table with formatting to incorporate into your word document. All you need to do is enter the text.

Table Tools

When Word 2007 creates your predesigned table another 2 tabs will appear. Notice the Table Tools tabs Design and Layout. In the beginning you will probably only use the table styles section under the Design Tab. If you would like more information please email me and I will send you more detail on how to create a more complex table.

Click the Next button to move onto Illustrations.