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Word 2007 Tracking

Word 2007 track changes options

The Tracking section is used when multiple people are editing a document. To start tracking changes in a document click the down arrow on Track Changes then select track changes. This will start the process. To see the different editing marks click the down arrow and select Change tracking options. The Track Changes Options window will open and let you go through the different changes that will be tracked and let you choose specific colors for each user, strikethrough styles etc.

When you are finished making your changes or looking at the possible changes click OK to exit the window.

To change the user editing the document click the drop down arrow on Track Changes and select change user name.

This will open another window you can change the name of the user so you can track who is making the changes to the document.

The Balloons button lets you choose how you want to see your revisions. You can either see them directly in the document or you can see them in balloons in the margin.

The Final Showing Markup button lets you view the document as you want to print it. You can choose Final shows the document with all the proposed changes included, Original shows the document before any changes were made, and Markup shows the document with the proposed changes.

Word 2007 Show Markup

The Show Markup button lets you check or uncheck showing the comments, ink, insertions and Deletions, formatting, or markup area highlights. By checking or un-checking these options you can customize the way your changes are viewed.

The reviewing pane lets you choose whether you want the review pane to be displayed on the left margin or horizontal. Click the Reviewing pane button to see what the pane looks like. Once you are finished looking Click the reviewing pane button again to make it go away.

That concludes the word 2007 tracking tutorial click the next arrow to continue to the Word 2007 changes or select another tutorial from the list below.