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Word 2007 Window

Word 2007 window section of the view tab

This section is word 2007 Window is used when you are working on more than 1 word document and need to see multiple documents at one time.

The New Window button let you open a new Word 2007 window with the document you are currently working on in a different view.

The Arrange All button will tile all of the Word 2007 documents you have open and put them side by side.

The Split button will split the current document into 2 sections so you can view different parts of the document at the same time.

The View Side by Side button will be grayed out unless you have more than one Word 2007 document open. If you have multiple documents open the click the button and it will place 2 documents side by side like in a book. This will push all of your buttons together so you may need to do some looking to find what you need.

Once you have chosen to put your documents side by side you are able to turn on and off the Synchronous Scrolling. This will let you scroll both document at the same time to compare pages.

If you have been viewing documents side by side and have changed the size of the window you are viewing them you can click the Reset Window Position button to restore it to the original positions and the windows will share the screen equally.

The last button we are going to talk about is the Switch Windows button. If you have multiple Word 2007 documents open when you click the down arrow on the Switch Windows button it will give you a list of open Word documents to select from so it is easy to switch between your documents.