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Word 2007

Any of you that have used Microsoft Word before and are now trying to use Word 2007 it is quite different from the old versions. In these Microsoft Word 2007 tutorials I will take you step by step through the basic features and the new tab format of the program.

We are going to start with the basics and then move step by step through each tab at the top to include the Home tab, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, and end with View. Let’s get started.

Even with my extensive computer background it took me some time to get use to Microsoft Office 2007.

Most beginner computer users will use Word for typing a letter to a family member or friend, typing up a recipe or creating a fun card or flyer. We are going to have a little fun with these tutorials and design a greeting card along with editing some other types of documents. This will allow me to show you all of the features a basic computer user will want to know. We will even show you how to create and print envelopes for you to use to mail home made cards.

I will be bouncing back and forth between documents in order to explain the best way I can how to use these features in Word 2007 so bare with me. It will be a bit of a slow go.

This tutorial will take you through how to use the features located in the Microsoft Office Logo in the upper left corner of Word 2007.

When you open Word 2007 it starts you with a new document. All of your basic commands that you will use on most documents are located at the top of the screen by clicking on the Microsoft office logo. Click the upper left corner on the Microsoft Office logo to see the list of options.

Word 2007 Logo Menu

Even though you already have a new document open click on the New icon. The New Document window will open and give you template options to choose from.

New Document Window

Click on Installed Templates. This will give you a list of templates you can uses that are already installed on your computer and you do not have to download from the internet. These can be time savers if you are in a hurry to create a professional looking document.

Below the Installed Templates in a list of other templates you can download off the internet. These are also great time savers. It just takes a few extra clicks to download the document online.

Now click cancel. We are going to do things the hard way by designing our own. I just wanted you to get a feel for all of the features New document has, besides just starting with a blank page.

We are going to do this tutorial in the order of the tabs at the top. So now that we have a blank document open click on the Microsoft Office logo at the top left and click Save as.

Save As Options

The Word 2007 Save As is a little different than past versions. If you are planning to send the document via email or save it to a disk and use another computer to open it click the Word 97-2003 Document. If the other computer does not have Word 2007 but has an older version this selection lets you open the document in an older version of Word.

If you plan on using Word 2007 to open the document each time click the top Word Document selection.

Save as Window

Select the file location you would like to save the greeting card. Usually the file location defaults to My Documents. Type greeting card in the File name: box and click save.

You can also change the document type to open in an older version of word in the Save As Window by clicking the drop Save as type: down menu and selecting Word 97-2003 Document.

Now that the document is saved let’s close and reopen the document.

Click on the Microsoft Office icon in the upper left corner and at the very bottom click Close.

There are 3 ways to reopen a document. 1. Double click on the My Documents folder from your desktop and then double click on the greeting card.docx file. This will automatically open Word 2007 and your saved document.

Open Window

2. Open Word 2007 and click on the Microsoft Office icon in the upper left corner. The drop down menu will appear and you can either click on the Open Icon and it will take you to your My Document folder where you can double click the greeting card.docx file and open it, or

3. In the right hand column of the drop down menu you will see Recent Documents. Scan down the list of documents until you find greeting card.docx file and click.

I know we have not got to the heart of our greeting card yet but we have found the basics we need to know for every Word document we create. Click the Next arrow to move onto the Home tab.