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Word 2010 Comments


If you are sharing or collaborating on a Word document, wouldn't it be great to have the ability to add feedback or comments to parts of the text? In this tutorial, we will walk you through adding new comments as well as other navigational features within comments.

New Comment

A comment is a note that the author or reviewer can add to a document. Microsoft Word displays the comment on the document for others to view. To insert a comment into a document, highlight the areaNew Comment of text you would like to comment on. Next, select New Comment in the Comments section of the Review tab.


A comment box will appear in red to the right of the highlighted area where you can type comments.

You can insert as many comments as you would like. In our example, we added three comments to our document.

Comment Boxes

You will need to save the document after you have finished your comments. When you send the document to the intended reader(s), they will be able to view your comments.

Delete Comments

Perhaps you no longer need a comment on the document that you previously added. To delete a comment, select the comment box you would like to delete. The comment box will turn a darker color pink when selected. Then, select Delete in the Comments section of the Review tab. The comment is now removed. Review DeleteIf your document has been finalized and the comments are no longer needed, you have the option to delete them all at the same time. Select the dropdown arrow just below the Delete button in the Comments section of the Review tab. In the drop down, you have the Delete Deleteoption to delete all comments shown or to delete all comments in document. Select delete all comments in document.


If you have a long document with several comments throughout, you may find it helpful to use the Previous and Next buttons in the Comments section of the Review tab. Next will take you forward to the next comment, and you can continue to select Next until you have scrolled to the desired comment. Likewise, Previous will take you backwards to the previous comment(s).